Wiretapping: PASOK’s proposal for an inquiry was voted in Parliament today

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At 12 noon, the debate begins on the proposal submitted by the PASOK-KINAL committee for the establishment of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry to investigate “the case of violation of the confidentiality of the communications of the President of PASOK-KINIMATOS ALLAGIS and MEP Mr. Nikos Androulakis from the National Intelligence Service [ΕΥΠ] or by other natural or legal persons, the confirmed attempt to trap his mobile phone with the malicious predator software, the illegal use of it in Greek territory and the investigation into the existence of responsibilities of the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and any other natural or legal person involved “.

The discussion and decision-making by the Plenary has been filed in accordance with the revised article of the Constitution which provides the possibility to the minority parties to establish Investigative Committees of the Parliament. For the establishment of these Committees, 120 and not 151 positive votes are sufficient.

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According to the Conference of Presidents, the meeting will begin with the positions of the rapporteurs and special buyers of the six parliamentary groups. Then there will be three rounds of speakers – MPs in proportion to the parliamentary strength of the parties, the positions of parliamentary representatives and any political leaders who want to take the floor.

“Yes” from SYRIZA-KKE

The meeting will conclude with a roll-call vote to establish that the proposal received at least 120 positive votes. At the end of the meeting, the Speaker of the Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoulas, will announce the number of members of the Inquiry Committee, in proportion to the parliamentary strength of the parties, as well as the deadline for completing the work by submitting the conclusion to the Plenary. Of course, the Committee has the possibility, in case it needs more time to complete its work, to request a time extension from the Plenary.

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It is noted that according to information, barring a shocking unforeseen event, neither the prime minister nor the president of SYRIZA will participate as speakers in today’s debate in Parliament on the PASOK-KINAL proposal.

The EYP has announced that SYRIZA, Mera25 and KKE will vote for the PASOK-KINAL proposal to monitor Nikos Androulakis, despite his reservations.

Source: Capital

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