Wiretapping: What SYRIZA sees – What PASOK-KINAL is looking for

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By Niki Zorba

Since the beginning of August, yesterday’s developments in the political field, which took place without any surprises, were being foreshadowed: PASOK insisted until the end on its intention to request through the proposal for a commission of inquiry on the one hand, the unraveling of the monitoring of Nikos Androulakis by the EYP, on the other hand, the relationship of predator, the malicious software that turns telephone devices into “surveillance cameras” with the Greek state.

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There was no change in the Harilaou Trikoupi line. He had foretold everything, gradually, as the rift with the government camp grew.

Exactly the same applies to SYRIZA. For a long time, he had announced how is drawn up at the request of Nikos Androulakis and of his party, therefore also with his proposal for the commission of inquiry. Moreover, the questions that Harilaou Trikoupi included in her proposal for wiretapping coincide: Monitoring of Androulakis by EYP, Predator, which other journalists and politicians were monitored and above all: In the center of the frame is the prime minister.

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THE yesterday’s meeting of Alexis Tsipras with the executive secretariat of his party, he came to simply ratify the line that has been followed since the beginning of the developments: Dangerous prime minister and government, Kyriakos Mitsotakis “brain of parastatal staff”, ruthless regime, etc.

In other fresher news, SYRIZA yesterday said “no” to the choice of Mr. Demiris as the new Commander of the EYP with spikes about his selection by the prime minister with a cover-up order.

Regarding the extension of the examination beyond the projects of the EYP under the Mitsotakis government, Koumoundourou is not going to consent by voting in favor of the majority’s proposal but she does not spare “reverse” readings for her goal:

“Is there even one citizen who believes that if the Mitsotakis regime had any evidence against the SYRIZA government for similar practices it would not have already brought it to light? Unless the target of Mr. Mitsotakis is not SYRIZA but the practices and manipulations of the previous government government of the ND and Mr. Samaras. In any case, SYRIZA PS has nothing to fear, not even from the ability of a ruthless and panicked regime to fabricate evidence for previous governments, for political and even internal party opponents “.

However, the assessment in Koumoundourou, despite this and that, is that since what has been revealed so far is only “the tip of the iceberg”, the elections are just around the corner.

PASOK “guaranteed”

The schedule of the Parliamentary Conference who “rescheduled” the meeting of the Institutions and Transparency Committee for after the discussion of the political leaders on Friday (s.p. the meeting on Wednesday concerns only the installation of the new Governor of the EYP), caused anger in Harilaou Trikoupis.

Before the submission of their proposal for the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry, PASOK had requested the immediate convocation , this week of the Institutions Committee. The rejection of the request was accompanied by angry comments from Char. Tricup.

THE Mr. Mitsotakis wants the cover-upsources from Harilaou Trikoupi mentioned, among other things, putting the prime minister in the frame again:

“The truth will come to light and the culprits will be revealed because it is a matter of democracy and respect for human rights.
We will not allow any attempt at a cover-up no matter how much the Prime Minister and the majority government try. It is not meant to be considered as normality the illegal hearing through EYP but also the video recording through Predator politicians and journalists exposing the country internationally”.


– On Friday, the clash of political leaders over surveillance – The government’s strategy

Source: Capital

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