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Wiretaps: Processes, fermentations and background for the investigating committee are culminated

By Niki Zorba

In the constellation of the parliamentary proceedings on the case of wiretapping that are launched next week, the political scene is moving, with the three main players getting into “battle” mode.

The Government, having made it clear that it wishes to set up an inquiry committee, but with an object the follow-ups over a decade, is clearly seeking to limit the damage caused to its image after the revelation that EYP was officially monitoring the president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis.

There are a few weeks left until the Prime Minister’s ascension to the TIF and under no circumstances – as far as she can – will she allow the issue of surveillance to overshadow the economic agenda and the “positive narrative”.

The balances are delicate, however, and the behind-the-scenes manipulations will be revealed, starting on Monday. at which point the Conference of the Presidents of the Parliament will plan the “appointments” between the government and the opposition. (Meeting of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency, battle of political leaders in the Parliament and proposals for the commission of inquiry, with PASOK accelerating in this matter).

Rumors, reports and “warnings”, betray the existence of mobility and processes in the background, in an undeniable climate of tension.

Yesterday, for example, Olga Kefalogianni, with her post on Facebook, hastened to declare that she is not going to leave the Committee on Institutions and Transparency, in this “critical period”, taking a position on the publications that brought Maximou to plan her replacement. However, the Government clarified that there was never such an intention.

What does PASOK want?

PASOK’s proposal for the commission of inquiry was also described yesterday by leading members of the party.

“We we have a clean proposal for the examination, as there are two issues which must be explored in it. Firstly, it is necessary to investigate the details of monitoring of Mr. Androulakis by the EYP, it must be ascertained if other citizens are being monitored and how many. Secondly, it is necessary to investigate what is being done with the predator, who owns and disposes of it, who the company is and what are its contractual relations with the Greek government. It is not possible to leave this matter like this” said Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, concluding with the following in relation to the looming proposal of the ND for a decade-long examination:

“We, as PASOK – Movement for Change, have no problem and no fear to find out if these practices existed in the past. But we will not go to a netting without evidence. If the government wants to start investigating the issue from 2012, then that Messrs. Dendias and Kikilias were politically responsible for the EYP, it is required to provide the corresponding data and of course to find out what happened during the Tsipras-Kammenou period”.

The the same message was issued by the press representative of the party, Dimitris Manzos:

“If there are equally tangible indications from the ND, say about similar offenses in the SYRIZA-ANEL period or for similar offenses in the case of the Antonis Samaras government, when the EYP was under the political responsibility of Mr. Dendias and Mr. Kikilia, to bring them to the Parliament. However, no obfuscation or attempt to offset can divert the discussion from the real issue which is the monitoring and the attempt to trap the phone of Nikos Androulakis”.

SYRIZA: No to N.D’s proposal – Yes to PASOK

And in Koumoundourou, the processes are intense against the background of the parliamentary developments of the coming week.

Alexis Tsipras will meet in the next few days with the executive secretariat of SYRIZA for the “line” to follow tthe main opposition party in Parliament.

The position he will take in relation to the examination committee, however, is grosso modo, decided: Support for the proposal brought by Harilaou Trikoupi and “complaint” of the N.D. that he attempts offsets to get out of the predicament and obscure the case.

Source: Capital

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