With daily rates above R$ 2 thousand, a hotel in Serra da Mantiqueira wants to be the most luxurious in the country

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Considered a true oasis in the middle of the mountains, the Six Senses Botanique, in Serra da Mantiqueira, in São Paulo, will double in size.

The enterprise will receive an investment of R$ 80 million in improvements and new attractions for guests.

The objective of the partners is to elevate the business to the position of most luxurious hotel in Brazil .

On the radar is the construction of a new swimming pool and fitness center, the expansion of the SPA, the renovation of the current Mina Restaurant and the construction of a new restaurant, the implementation of beach tennis courts, the retrofit of the hotel’s current accommodations (20 suites and villas) and the addition of 20 more villas on the property.

Currently, the hotel, which starts at R$2,414.00 + taxes, has 70 employees – almost 2 employees per guest. When doubling in size, the same proportion will be maintained.

In addition, in the medium and long term, an ambitious real estate project initially foresees the construction of 13 houses of 800 m² in the vicinity of the property, all of high standard, and with access to hotel services.

The entire complex occupies approximately 2.5 million m², of which 200,000 m² correspond to the hotel. With this, the enterprise hopes to expand its market share to other markets, especially outside the state of São Paulo, the main issuing hub.

Acquired last year by a group of Brazilian investors, the project started to be managed in February 2021 by Six Senses, considered the pioneer in the hotel industry in sustainable practices.

In its first year of operation, a series of measures, all in full use by the hotel’s current management, resulted in significant improvements for the environment.

The most impactful of these was the reduction in the use of plastic to zero, especially in the bedroom area, which resulted in one ton less material consumption.

In one year, more than 60,000 PET bottles were no longer used as they were replaced by glass containers for water, juices and other items.

The cuisine at Six Senses Botanique

The sustainable bias is also very visible in the hotel’s food and beverage area. The enterprise has its own vegetable garden with organic products, free of pesticides and preservatives and makes constant use of the inputs produced there in the creations of Restaurante Mina, which is widely recognized for developing a cuisine that prioritizes fresh food, literally “From field to table”.

In 2021 alone, more than 2,000 eggs and 1,300 kg of vegetables were produced, harvested and used in the hotel itself.

This measure not only generated a great relief for the hotel’s bills, since there is no longer any type of expense with the purchase of leaves and various vegetables, but it gave even more creative freedom to the kitchen of Six Senses Botanique.

Rua Elídio Gonçalves da Silva, 4000 – Bairro dos Mellos – Campos do Jordão – SP

Source: CNN Brasil

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