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With “I am Greek” by Noti Sfakianakis and dancing zeibekiko, a Greek-American police officer retired

John Pappas, a Greek-American police officer at New Yorkretired after 29 years in the profession and did so with a Greek feast.

The farewell party of the former commander of the K-9 unit of the “Big Apple” transportation department was essentially a Greek feast that took place on Long Island in the presence of many of his colleagues – many Greek songs were played and he danced the zeibeki.

“New York’s Finest”, therefore, threw it out with “Zorba”, island style, but also Noti Sfakianaki to play from the speakers in the surrounding area of ​​the police station, while there was also a buffet with Greek cuisine.

There were also many distinguished guests who wished John Pappas to be happy now that he stops serving and protecting the citizens of New York. He himself, moved, spoke in the best words about his colleagues and the New York police, while he also mentioned his family.

“I am a child of immigrants. My parents worked hard, as did many other immigrants. I am married to an immigrant. Also, I am very proud of the fact that my parents chose the USA. Sometimes we forget the importance of our country. I am grateful for everything. I love my people, I love my unit, I love my family”he characteristically said.

And as for the goodbye? He danced zeibekiko while listening to “I am Greek” by Notis Sfakianakis, while with his wife who comes from Chios by his side, as well as their two daughters, he also danced island style to the voice of Yiannis Parios with his colleagues and the dogs K -9 to bid him farewell and wish him joy in the next chapter of his life.

Source: News Beast

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