With the shipment of tanks, the bridges between Germany and Russia are dismantled, says professor

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Participating in the WW program this Wednesday (25), the professor of International Relations at ESPM Gunther Rudzit commented on the shipment of tanks that Germany and the United States will make to Ukraine.

The professor pointed out that the need to send the tanks now is due to a Russian offensive in the spring. In a statement, the German government said the aim was to “quickly assemble” two battalions.

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However, the decision can cause problems.

“The problem with the German government making this decision is, in fact, the country’s internal problems. It is not by chance that the now ex-Minister of Defense fell. She received a check for €100 billion and failed to deliver a modernization project from the German Armed Forces,” she said.

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Rudzit commented on the difficulty of changing the pacifist view of German culture.

“There is an aspect of the voter accepting this and also many politicians and businessmen who still dreamed of the possibility of the conflict ending quickly and rebuilding bridges with Russia”, he said.

“Now, with the shipment of these tanks, all possible bridges in the future are dismantled,” he added.

(Posted by Marina Toledo)

Source: CNN Brasil

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