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With their article in Le Monde, 170 current and former diplomats call for a victory against the far right

One hundred and seventy current and former diplomats in an article published today in Le Monde call for a far-right defeat in the next parliamentary election, a victory which they say will “weaken France and Europe while the war rages”. “We have seen Russia invade sovereign states and destroy with a trail of tanks everything that guaranteed peace on the European continent (…) We have seen terrorism strike democracies, illiberal regimes reduce pluralism and media freedom. “We cannot accept a far-right victory that will weaken France and Europe while the war rages on.” In Europe, “nationalism” also “undoes alliances and deconstructs societies”, say the co-authors of the article. And let’s cite the “serious attacks on institutions and pluralism in Hungary”, where the extreme right rules, but also “the USA under Donald Trump ” or even “the loss of Brazil’s international influence under Jáich Bolsonaro” or […]
Source: News Beast

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