Working meeting of the Deputy Ministers of Justice and Culture G. Kotsiras and N. Giatromanolakis

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The Undersecretary of Culture and Sports, in charge of Contemporary Culture Nikolas Giatromanolakis, had a working meeting with the Undersecretary of Justice George Kotsiras.

The two deputy ministers, according to a statement from the Ministry of Justice today, “noted the common intention to formulate a field for the development of initiatives and actions aimed at protecting, supporting and enhancing human rights, and in particular the rights of victims of all forms of violence, through art.” and the immediacy that modern creation can offer. ”

In this context, it is planned to implement a joint program of actions and actions, which will begin in the near future.

After the meeting, Mr. Kotsiras stated:

“I had the pleasure to meet with the Deputy Minister of Culture, in charge of Contemporary Culture, Nikola Giatromanolakis, with whom we discussed a number of issues related to the responsibilities of both the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

We agreed that the two co-responsible ministries are able to immediately implement a joint program of actions and actions, focusing on the support and enhancement of human rights, as well as the elimination of all forms of violence, led by the Arts and Culture. ”

On his part, Mr. Giatromanolakis stated:

“The Ministry of Culture and Sports and its supervised bodies are already developing and supporting programs that promote human rights dialogue, such as the Ad Libitum of the Athens State Orchestra and the action of the Network of Contemporary Culture Museums of the Ministry of Culture, Visualizing Humanity. “It is extremely important that we take a more systematic approach but also a partnership at the governmental level. Our meeting with the Deputy Minister of Justice, George Kotsiras, and the realization of this common perception and willingness to cooperate in this field opens new paths and creates new perspectives.”

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