World Earth Day 2021: even toys go green

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“Playing is serious!” So wrote the great in 1986 Bruno Munari, giving us an increasingly important teaching today. Is exactly through games in fact that we can pass on to children the deeper values, including the respect and love for the planet we live on.

The green revolution thus also conquers the world of toys and next to the small niche companies that have made the sustainability their distinctive feature, also i big brands in recent years they have decided to espouse the ecological cause, renewing its philosophy in favor of a approach focused on respect for nature.

This is the case, for example, of Clementoni, a 100% Italian company, leader in the design and production of toys and close to celebrating its first 60 years of history, which at the beginning of 2020 decided to be the spokesperson for this message: this is how the products are born PLAY FOR FUTURE designed to convey to children the importance of respect for the environment through play. The common denominator of all the latest proposals of the brand is to be made in recycled and recyclable materials.

But that is not all. Presenting themselves in a new green guise are also those iconic games that we have all enjoyed at least once in our life. An example? The mythical ones Super Santos and Super Tele balls, back on the market in version plastic free, that is, made with a new BIO formula free of phthalates which replaces 50% of raw materials of fossil origin with materials of plant origin from natural sources. The company World has in fact decided to contribute to safeguarding the situation of the Italian seas, now invaded by plastic: an important problem considering that the mare nostrum, as the WWF also points out, it has only 1% of world waters but contains 7% of marine microplastics, an invisible and very dangerous enemy for aquatic flora and fauna.

And the news does not end there: between cork bricks made from cork waste for bottles e wooden bicycles, green toys, with their often very attractive design, will conquer children but will also make parents happy.

On the occasion of Earth Day, we have selected the most beautiful zero-impact toy novelties … but with a high level of fun: you can find them in the gallery above.

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