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World Oceans Day: what we have learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

The theme of World Oceans Day 2024 is Awaken New Depths – awaken new depths – a collective invitation to reach new depths of understanding, collaboration and commitment to the ocean and its ecosystem.

The oceans produce 50% of the planet’s oxygen and can absorb up to 30% of CO2 emissions; therefore preserving them involves a big step towards reducing environmental pollution. And if it is true that every small gesture counts, dealing with many fragments of the sea to clean it, study it and protect it can only produce global results.

BioNike and Worldrise together to become informed citizens

Also for 2024, BioNike has renewed the precious collaboration with Worldrisethe Italian non-profit organization committed to the conservation of the marine environment founded in 2013 by Mariasole Bianco, to support the first edition of the project SEAtizen Science. This start-up initiative aims to reduce the distance between citizens and science by actively involving them through recreational activities, swimming training, sunset paddling and recreational diving that transform into scientific sampling and monitoring expeditions. The project aims to make a significant contribution to the conservation of the seas, with particular attention to the Golfo Aranci (SS) area in Sardinia, by joining forces between citizens and scientists. BioNike and Worldrise meet in Golfo Aranci on 15 June, 13 July and 3 August to participate free of charge in SEAtizen Science activities and consolidate new knowledge for the protection of marine ecosystems.

BioNike’s love for the sea is completed by the line of sustainable sunscreens Defense Sun which offer the skin triple protection: from UVA-UVB rays, from free radicals generated by IR rays and from long-term biological damage. Sunscreens do not contain mineral filters in the form of nanoparticles which are sometimes responsible for skin intolerance and are not very compatible with the marine ecosystem.

Remove plastic from the sea

The sea is full of underwater landfills. With the campaign Ocean Keeper, Davines wants to involve its community in protecting the beauty of water. For this reason, it decided to pay homage to a beach towel made in India with 100% recycled fibers with the purchase of 3 products from the SU solar line and to continue the multi-year collaboration with Sea Shepherd, a historic company dedicated to the protection of marine biodiversity.

World Oceans Day: what we have learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

With the proceeds of the Ocean Keeper campaign, the brand is committed to donating 20 thousand euros to Sea Shepherd to combat sea pollution by documenting, mapping and removing underwater landfills. These are areas present throughout the Mediterranean which, for decades, have been used as illegal dumping sites for fishing material, and more. Furthermore, it has renewed its collaboration with Plastik Bank for removing tons of plastic from Thailand’s coasts.

Fishermen are the first witnesses of the health of the sea and are committed to cleaning it up

My.Organics, brand that creates hair products with natural ingredients grown with organic and biodynamic farming techniques, for World Oceans Day has chosen to join Ogyre for the challenge #OceanChallenge: a collective collection campaign to remove an amount equal to 1.4 million bottles thanks to activists and fishermen. Ogyre, in fact, supports the fishing community in 3 different countries from a logistical and economic point of view: Brazil, Italy and Indonesia. In our country, fishermen collect marine waste during their normal fishing activity, while in Brazil and Indonesia they often venture into the mangroves with their kayaks just to collect waste. At the end of the day, the fishing boats and kayaks return to the port, where fishermen weigh and sort the caught waste, which will then be sold to third parties for disposal or recycling.

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Microplastics can reach us through the food chain

This is why the company owns the beauty brands Essence and Catrice joined the Water Defender Alliance of LifeGate, which involves the adoption of a Seabin positioned in the Porto Antico of Genoa. The device Seabin it is a collection basket for waste that floats in the water capable of capturing on average 1.5 kg of debris per day, or approximately 500 kg of waste per year, including microplastics from 5 to 2 mm in diameter and microfibres from 0.3 mm.

The microplastics they are often confused for food by fish who, by feeding on them, risk dying or ending up in our food chain. Furthermore, removing microplastics also means preventing them from further disintegrating into nanoplastics, i.e. particles so small that they can penetrate directly into the muscles of fish with even more harmful consequences for their health (and for ours).

World Oceans Day: what we have learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

From this year, Cosnova Italia also supports the cleaning of the port from hydrocarbon spills with the adoption of special sponges for the Marina Fiera di Genova. These hydrophobic sponges and oleophilic absorb up to all of the hydrocarbons and oils that boats frequently lose during “operational maneuvers” such as cleaning bilge water or refueling boats.

Through phytoplankton it is possible to measure the contaminants present in the sea

Through Shiseido Blue Project, a project started in 2019 in collaboration with the World Surf League, the Ginza brand is concretely committed to safeguarding the sea and this year has chosen to support the MARE mission An initiative of Caprera Sailing Centerin collaboration with One Ocean Foundation, which combines maritime practice, scientific research and scientific dissemination. The mission began last April 27th in La Maddalena in Sardinia, home of the Foundation, on board the catamaran One which will sail the Mediterranean Sea until 7 July, touching the coasts of France and Spain before returning to Italy. On board, for ten weeks, a marine biological team carries out important analyzes to measure the presence of pollutants and monitor species at risk. Among the techniques used, there is that of Environmental DNA dispersed in water which allows you to keep track of species at risk, and the analysis of contaminants through phytoplankton.

World Oceans Day, what have we learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

Shiseido’s commitment to protecting the sea also includes protecting the skin with sustainable quality formulas. For the first time, in Sun Protection Lotion SPF30 and SPF50+ And Sun Protection Cream SPF30 has been inserted SynchroShieldRepair technology which makes the protection resistant to factors that could weaken it such as sweat and water, thus decreasing elution into the sea. The formulas also contain the 66% of skincare actives which help preserve the appearance and health of the skin.

The recovery of ghost nets at sea and the cleaning of beaches

World Oceans Day, what have we learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

Together with Marevivo Foundation, Rilastil supported the project Operation Ghost Nets, for the recovery of fishing nets abandoned in the seabed of the Secca di Santo Stefano in Marina degli Aregai in the province of Imperia and contributed to the cleaning of a beach at the Naturist Oasis “Le Sabbie Nere” in Santa Severa in the province of Rome. A collective operation to ensure that the message of protecting the sea and the environment reaches an increasingly larger number of people.

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Why it is important to repopulate Posidonia

Posidonia oceanica, an aquatic prairie found in the Mediterranean up to a depth of around 40 metres, absorbs a large quantity of CO₂ and is one of the main producers of oxygen on the planet: it generates five times more than the Amazon forest and for this reason which is why it is known as “the lung of the Mediterranean”. Furthermore, it is the refuge of many marine species and organisms. Currently, due to human activity, Posidonia is disappearing and must be restored.

ISDINas a BCorp company founded in Barcelona, ​​is committed to the conservation of the marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean and one of its projects, carried out in collaboration with the Vellmarí association and led by the marine biologist Manu Sanfélix, involves the repopulation of Posidonia oceanica, an aquatic plant , endemic to the Mediterranean Sea.

World Oceans Day: what we have learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

For the second consecutive year, Nivea supports the project Marine Oasis which aims to repopulate oceanic posidonia in the state’s natural reserve and marine protected area Guaceto Tower, which extends from the territory of Brindisi to that of Carovigno. An initiative that is part of Blue Forest by One Ocean Foundation focused on the study and protection of oceanic posidonia, with the aim of identifying and applying new methods for the restoration of its meadows. One of the minimally invasive techniques already implemented by researchers involves the planting of 200m2 of coconut fiber biomats which will host new posidonia oceanica seedlings germinated in the laboratory from the plant’s seeds.

World Oceans Day: what we have learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

Algae are a precious resource for the skin

The line of products designed for the summer beauty routine of Water from Elba they are the result of careful research and the use of marine active ingredients, algae and coral powder inserted into advanced formulations that take care of the skin before, after and during sun exposure.

Solar Care Solar Line
Solar Care, Solar Linewww.nedobaglioni.com

Treasures of the East dedicated a wellness ritual to salt water. At the heart of the formula there are always algae: rich in active ingredients, minerals and antioxidants, they constitute a precious ally for skin balance. The brand has selected three: Dulse seaweedbright red in color, rich in iron, potassium and magnesium; Alga Undaria P. which regenerates and purifies, bringing with it calcium, vitamins B and C, iron and folic acid and Nori seaweedthe queen of the seas for protein content, vegetable fibers and Omega 3.

World Oceans Day: what we have learned from beauty initiatives that protect the sea

Source: Vanity Fair

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