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Opinion polls in Italy predict Meloni and the conservative alliance to prevail

These European elections in Italy are considered a crucial contest, which is expected to confirm or overturn the balance of power resulting from the parliamentary elections in 2022. However, according to the latest opinion polls, the conservative coalition that governs the country does not seem to be seriously threatened by the opposition parties. In more detail, as far as the government forces are concerned, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s “Brothers of Italy” party, according to the latest polls, secures 27% of the vote intention, Forza Italia, founded by Silvio Berlusconi, on 8, 9% and the League, led by Matteo Salvini, 8.7%. As for the opposition, the center-left “Democratic Party”, with Eli Schlein as secretary, “convinces” 20.7% of the statistical sample. The “Five Stars” of former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte 15.7% and the alliance of environmentalists and the left 4.3%. Pollsters estimate that he is above the threshold of 4% of the vote (percentage that gives Italian parties the right to enter the European […]
Source: News Beast

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