WW Special interview Haddad at 7 pm this Friday (10)

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This Friday (10), at 7 pm, the anchors of CNN William Waack, Daniela Lima and Raquel Landim interview, with exclusivity, the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad.

On the agenda of the interview will be the direction of the economic policy of the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in central themes such as the fiscal framework and, mainly, the issue of interest rates.


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President Lula has constantly criticized the basic interest rate – Selic – which is currently at 13.75%. Despite frequent criticism directed at the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, Lula denied, in an interview with CNN the tone of confrontation with the Central Bank and said that it is not up to him to face the institution.

“It is not up to the President of the Republic to fight with the president of the Central Bank”, he told anchor Daniela Lima.

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Campos Neto, in turn, declared that the debate on interest rates is “legitimate”.

“It is fair to question the high interest rates. I think it’s important to always have someone who plays this role in the government. It’s part of the natural balance game. I think that when real interest rates are high, having a debate about why they are high is super legitimate. And it is the job of the Central Bank to clarify, improve communication, and sometimes I recognize that we could do this more frequently and in a more didactic way, we always try to improve this”, highlighted the president.

Amidst the president’s statements, Haddad participated alongside Campos Neto and Simone Tebet, Minister of Planning and Budget, in the meeting of the National Monetary Council (CMN). The CMN is the government body responsible for formulating currency and credit policy, such as the country’s inflation targets. The Council comprises the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Planning, and the President of the Central Bank.

The day before the meeting, upon arriving at a dinner with big names from the Brazilian business community, promoted by Grupo Esfera Brasil, Haddad stated that he was taking measures to “allow a reduction in the interest rate”.

“It is very important that businessmen have sent Congress their agreement with the fiscal measures we are taking to improve public accounts and allow a reduction in interest rates and Brazil to return to growth”, said the minister.

Tax framework

This Thursday (9) Minister Haddad and Minister of Planning, Simone Tebet, met to discuss the new fiscal framework, promised for this month of March.

Tebet stated that the new fiscal framework that will be presented by the Lula government will please everyone. “It is a responsible fiscal framework, concerned with fiscal responsibility, with the primary deficit, with debt/GDP stabilization, but meeting a fair request from the president of the republic, because as soon as Brazilian democracy, which we have to have the necessary resources for the Brazil to grow again.”

The minister stated that she could not give more details about the new fiscal anchor or when it should be presented, but anticipated that “It will please everyone, including the market”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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