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WWDC 2024: Apple launches new iOS with AI functions

Apple announced new features in its operating system during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC ), broadcast this Monday (10). Among the new features, the company announced updates for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and much more.

New additions to the Apple TV+ streaming catalog were announced, such as the second season of the original series “Ruptura” and “Silo”. Check out the rest of the news below:

Spatial Photos and Integration with Mac Devices

The first new feature announced was VisionOS 2, which will be released soon for artificial intelligence devices, the Apple Vision Pro, launched earlier this year.

In addition to allowing you to create space photos, which can be explored in 360º and the integration of the glasses with other Mac devices, eight countries (China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom) will receive the device, however, Brazil remains out.

Iphone-to-Iphone contactless payment

New features are also planned for the new iPhone operating system, with the arrival of iOS 18, which will gain an updated and customizable control center. With the update, the user will be able to reorder the arrangement and size of applications and divide them into several tabs.

The messaging app has also received updates and iPhone users will be able to stylize text messages with strikethroughs, underlines and react with new emojis and messages with text effects. It will also be possible to schedule messages to be sent on a later date.

The news also reaches the email application, which can now be categorized and organized according to the user’s interests. The photo gallery will also be updated, so that the user can filter images by media type and create collections.

Finally, it will also be possible to hide applications and pay from iPhone to iPhone just by bringing the mobile devices together using the “Tap to Cash” function.

Simultaneous translation on Apple Watch

WatchOS 11 will be available to Apple Watch users. In addition to bringing new metrics for athletes and exercise lovers, the new update will also bring features for pregnant women. Finally, it is worth adding that simultaneous translation will be carried out by the watch, which will be able to dictate the translated phrases directly from the user’s wrist.

As for the AirPods, Apple’s wireless headphones will gain new audio features, which should help with immersion in games! Furthermore, in the Pro version, it will be possible to interact with Siri using head gestures, to reject calls, for example.

Calculator will come to the iPad

In addition to customizations such as the iPad control center and updates, the devices will be equipped with the Calculator application, which will gain a space for notes and can be used with the Apple Pencil.

In addition, the system will also feature the SharePlay function, which allows other people to control the device, a function that can be useful for parents, for example.

iPhone can be mirrored on Mac

The new Mac operating system, MacOS Sequoia, will also be packed with new features. This time, you will be able to mirror your iPhone to your MacBook, using Iphone Mirroring. With this feature, the user will be able to receive and interact with cell phone notifications remotely, even with the iPhone locked.

Furthermore, it will be possible for the user to use a background in a FaceTime call and in partnership with Ubisoft, the company announced that the game Assassin’s Creed Shadows will arrive for Macs and iPads.

Apple Intelligence and partnership with ChatGPT

During the conference, the company also announced Apple Intelligence, Apple’s artificial intelligence. In addition to adjusting text in emails, for example, Apple Intelligence will allow the creation of images from text commands, just like other chatbots.

Apple Intelligence will also offer new writing tools that help you find the right words with improved language features, in addition to allowing the user to summarize a lecture in seconds, get a shortened version of a group conversation, for example.

Designed to protect user privacy, the tool will be integrated into the core of iPhone, iPad and Mac through on-device processing. Therefore, it is aware of the personal information without collecting the personal information.

During the event, Apple also announced a partnership with ChatGPT, from Open AI . Integrated with Siri, the company’s assistant present on Apple devices, you can access ChatGPT for certain requests, including questions about photos or documents, for example.

According to Apple, the user will be able to control when ChatGPT will be used and will be questioned before any information is shared. Anyone can access the functionality for free, without needing to create an account. Paid ChatGPT subscribers will be able to connect accounts to access special features in these experiences.

New era of Siri

With Apple Intelligence, Siri will get an all-new design, better language understanding, and more natural communication. By double-tapping the bottom of your iPhone or iPad’s screen, you can type into Siri from anywhere on the system when you don’t want to speak out loud.

*Text being updated

Source: CNN Brasil

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