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X Factor 2023, the third live show: Morgan and Ambra tease each other but don’t argue

No direct clash, but many underlying tensions. Who expected a new episode of the conflict MorganAmber to X Factor he will have been disappointed or relieved, depending on your point of view. Certainly, at the third live there were no arguments or sensational controversies, but there were some digs. Like when Ambra says she discovered after watching the documentary on Gaber Me, us and Gaber, that the famous line “freedom is participation” was in reality just the fallback of a less effective phrase (“freedom is space of impact”), and he admits that he felt a sense of disappointment. But Morgan doesn’t give her anything, for him “it’s just a solution”, she tries to indulge in one of her explanations, but the controversy ends in the bud. Not even at the time of the tilt, i.e. the final playoff between the two competitors who received the fewest votes, between Gaetano De Caro (team Ambra) and the Stunt Pilots (Dargen’s team), which leads to the elimination of the first, passes scot-free to the judges’ table.

Morgan at the third live of X Factor 2023.

Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

At the third live, there are two eliminations – the Animaux Formidables and Asia – and the repechage of the Astromare, in Morgan’s team. The guests are Colapesce and Dimartino, the theme of the evening is la rebellion. But, the unofficial one is also the war, with some intervention or simple reference from the judges. There’s Dargen D’Amico who throws out a phrase about the denied rights of the Palestinians, and there’s Fedez who instead, after the cover of General by De Gregori made by Angelica goes straight and talks about «genocide of Palestinian children».

Rebel music therefore begins with the introspective cover but enriched by a rap part of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun made by Septembercontinues with the singer-songwriter expressiveness of Matteo Alieno which, in a postmodernist version ofLast Suppersing It’s not forever of Afterhours. Then Anyway of Genesis performed by Astromare, which leaves the judges perplexed, due to the difficulty of the piece and the slightly dark atmosphere. Maria Tomba is the singer who makes everyone agree with I’m a rebel, mom by Skiantos, while the Stunt Pilots with their rock version of **No one can judge me **by Caterina Caselli they receive some criticism and in fact end up in the runoff. Angelicaamong the super favorites to win, draws the clearest praise with his soulful version of General by De Gregori, with Morgan going so far as to say that his is the best cover he has ever heard.


Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

Gaetano De Carothe minor who didn’t show up last week because he couldn’t perform after midnight, launches with Born This Way by Lady Gaga, but the judges’ reception was lukewarm. Then the song of rebellion par excellence, **Rebel Rebel **by David Bowie, who in the hands of Sickteens makes everyone dance. **Get Up Stand Up **second Sarafine it becomes a very refined trip hop production, which receives enthusiastic reviews. And then The Usual Dandy who warms up the judges with his interpretation of Schoolmate by Antonello Venditti. In the end Selmi who compares himself with Gaber e Freedom, without ever having heard it before, with some doubts. From the second heat Gaetano De Caro ends up in the run-off, who is eliminated on tilt by Morgan, Fedez and Dargen D’Amico.

Source: Vanity Fair

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