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Xande de Pilares responds to criticism about having ignored Bia at the BBB24 party

This Sunday (25), Xande de Pilares used social media to refute comments about having ignored Beatriz during the last party BBB 24 on Saturday night (24).

A declared fan of the singer, the participant ran and climbed some steps of the stairs, getting very close to the stage. Furthermore, the competitor was also emotional and cried profusely, even hugging the artist during the performance.

The behavior, however, was criticized by several internet users on X, formerly Twitter. Some even called for the expulsion of the sister who exceeded the limit allowed by the program's management.

On the other hand, other followers questioned why Xande had not given the participant due attention.

“Last night was very wonderful, the opportunity to meet all the participants in the house. But I just wanted to give you a tip. Don't pay attention to social media comments. There was a rule to be followed. It was followed. When Bia leaves, I'm going to give her a hug the way I think she should receive it”, said the samba singer.

Afterwards, the artist took the opportunity to thank him for the invitation and assured that he had treated all competitors equally.

“Yesterday I was in no condition to speak. Before going on stage I was nervous. During the show I was too, because there was a spot in my ear. But I would like to thank Boninho, the program management, the people who set up the scene and all the participants, the people at home”, he added.

“Everything you do with one, you have to do with all of them. So I tried to be as cautious as possible to follow the program's rules. A rule is a rule and it was made to be followed. But the most important thing is that I am happy with the opportunity I received to participate in 'BBB 24′”, he concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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