Xbox Series X and S sales are the fastest among Microsoft consoles

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The Xbox Series X and Series S are Microsoft’s fastest-selling video game consoles of all generations. The information was provided by Phil Spencer, vice president of Microsoft’s gaming division and head of the Xbox division. He was interviewed on an episode of the New York Times Sway podcast, which aired on Monday (10).

“We sell more of this generation of Xbox, which are Series X and S, than any previous version of Xbox,” Spencer said, referring to units sold during the first 14 months from launch. During the interview, the executive also recalled that the first Xbox was launched in 2001. “Our strong point is that we have just reached 20 years of Xbox on the market”, he said.

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The two new generation models (each with a different proposal) were launched simultaneously in November 2020, thus completing 14 months on the market this month.

The sales reported by Spencer come at the same time that there are not enough stocks of the consoles. The situation is not due to the shortage of semiconductor chips that has been reported globally, but, according to the executive, to high consumer demand.

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“When you think about trying to buy an Xbox or a new PlayStation right now on the market, they are very hard to find. And it’s not because inventories are lower than ever. The offer is as big as ever,” Spencer said. “It’s just that demand is exceeding supply for all of us.”

During the interview, he also touched on subjects such as content moderation, how Microsoft handles cases of harassment committed by players, and elements of the metaverse reflected in games.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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