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Xiaomi has expanded the list of smartphones that will never receive updates again

Xiaomi’s official website regularly updates the list of Android devices whose support has completely ceased – the so-called EOS (End-Of-Support) list. Gadgets included in this list will never again receive system updates, firmware updates, or security patches. This time, on September 22, the company added two new smartphones to its EOS list: Mi CC 9e and Mi A3.

The end of support for the Mi A3 was quite a landmark event, as it is the latest representative of a unique line in which Xiaomi released smartphones without MIUI – based on a pure “green robot” under the Android One program. 3 years have passed since the release of Mi A3, and the smartphone has been updated to Android 11 (originally worked on Android 9) – Xiaomi has fulfilled the promises and requirements of Android One for device support (at least two major updates).

The experience of releasing smartphones without MIUI turned out to be rather unfortunate for Xiaomi, as the developers were either too late with updates or sent out faulty ones. Since 2019, the company has not released a single smartphone with pure Android until September 2022, when India introduced the super-budget Redmi A1 for $ 82 – with a pure “green robot”, but without the Android One program (that is, without the obligation to support updates ).

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