Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 on sale again: with delicious price and bonuses

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Some time ago, when Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 just went on sale, the device received a lot of positive reviews from the specialized media and demand exceeded supply. The reasons for the high popularity are:

  • decent power of the device;
  • impressive battery;
  • versatility.

For example, additional attachments were supplied with the gadget, allowing you to clean not only the floor, but also other various surfaces – a sofa, table, shelves, and so on. In addition, the device boasts an important bonus in the form of a removable battery.

One battery charge is enough for 60 minutes of cleaning, if this is not enough, you can simply quickly change the battery. So if one charge is not enough for cleaning, you do not need to wait for the device to charge. Secondly, in theory, a removable battery extends the life of the gadget.

The vertical vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 0.6 liter dust collector, which is enough for cleaning even an impressive area, and it is easy to clean this compartment from various debris and dust.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 on sale again: with delicious price and bonuses

Features of the vacuum cleaner:

  • Easy and convenient battery replacement.
  • Double the running time.
  • Unique V-shaped brush that does not tangle in bristles.
  • Large casters requiring less effort.
  • High speed motor capable of running at 100,000 rpm.
  • Multi-cone cyclonic decoupling system.
  • Dust collector with a volume of 0.6 liters with a function of unloading at the push of a button.
  • Five-level filtration with the ability to wash the filters.
  • The battery has an impressive capacity – the operating time is 60 minutes.
  • Wall-mounted charging station that allows you to charge two batteries at the same time.
  • Lots of attachments included.

The manufacturer returned the vacuum cleaner to the market again and supported the event with a pleasant promotion. Since 6 to 9 April users can use a special coupon to reduce the cost of the vacuum cleaner from $ 192 to $ 179. At the same time, during the promotion, buyers who ordered Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 for themselves have a chance to receive a free gift smart electric brush from the Oclean company.

If you’re lucky, the order can be received for free, and some users will receive additional nice gifts.

All information about the promotion on the official product page on AliExpress

Detailed information on the promotion:

  • Terms of the action: 06.04 09:00 – 09.04 09:00.
  • Regular Price: $ 191.99
  • Coupon: $ 5.
  • Code: 0406G9 (- $ 8).
  • Final Price: $ 178.99

Prize information:

  • During the promotion, customers who have bought the Xiaomi G9 vacuum cleaner can receive an Oclean electric brush for free.
  • Between 06.04 and 09.04: 10 randomly selected buyers will receive their order free of charge.
  • Between 06.04 and 08.04: 50 top orders will receive DDPAI mini3 as a gift.
  • Between 06.04 and 08.04: 50 randomly selected buyers will receive DDPAI N3 free of charge.

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