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Xiaomi showed Mi Band 7 Pro on video. Fixed the main problem


After the release of the base model Mi Band 7, rumors about the upcoming Mi Band 7 Pro suddenly began to appear on the network – at first, this information seemed fake, because before Xiaomi did not have Pro versions of its bracelets. Over time, with the emergence of more and more leaks about the Mi Band 7 Pro, more and more people believed in it. Now, one of the official Xiaomi accounts on Weibo has published a high-quality video teaser of the upcoming novelty.

The enlarged display is clearly visible on the video – it is significantly wider than that of the same Mi Band 7, and resembles the screen in Huawei Band 7 or even in Huawei Watch Fit (a mixture of smartwatches and a fitness bracelet). It was the narrow display, on which it is difficult to read notifications and other text, that was considered almost the main drawback of all generations of Mi Band.

Chinese insiders are already publishing high-quality renderings of the Mi Band 7 Pro

According to early information from the network, the main feature of the Mi Band 7 Pro will be the presence of GPS. This is partly confirmed by official information:

For the first time, think about the fashion for a large rectangular screen.

The novelty will receive the prefix “Pro” for the first time, providing a more professional experience in the field of sports and health.

Improvements in the field of sports are most likely related precisely to the presence of GPS – the bracelet will be able to determine the user’s geolocation and calculate related indicators without pairing with a smartphone.

The presentation of Mi Band 7 Pro will take place soon – on July 4, and this is official information.

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