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Yandex – with Alice 22.94

Yandex – with Alice 22.94

Quick search with smart hints and Alice who will answer any question. Search Yandex in the way that suits you: using a text query in the search bar; voice – Alice will help here; by photo, picture and objects of the surrounding world – in the Smart Camera. And the application will tell you who is calling from an unknown number, help you save on expensive purchases, sort out complex issues and solve other everyday tasks.

Text and voice search. Search as you like: familiar text queries with quick tips and instant answers, or voice if typing is inconvenient.

Smart camera. Point to anything and see what happens. A smart camera recognizes objects, talks about them and advises where to buy; translates inscriptions, opens QR codes and even replaces the scanner.

Alice. The Yandex voice assistant will answer any question and help you with your daily activities: set a timer and remind you of business, tell you the weather and traffic jams, play with your children, tell them a story or sing a song. Alice can also control smart home devices or just chat with you – almost like a normal person.

Free caller ID. Turn on caller ID in the settings menu or ask: “Alice, turn on caller ID.” It will show who is calling even if the number is not in contacts. A database of over 5 million organizations and user reviews will save you time and protect you from unwanted conversations.

Search for goods. Ask: “Alice, where is cheaper?” and tell us what you want to buy. Alice will find your product among the offers of tens of thousands of stores – from marketplaces and hypermarkets to small stores in your city or area – compare prices and show the best one. All you have to do is go to the store and make a purchase without spending too much.

Weather accurate to the area. Detailed hourly forecast for the current day with a dynamic map of precipitation, winds, temperature and pressure. And daily – a week ahead with detailed information about wind speed, atmospheric pressure and humidity levels. And also – special modes with useful weather information for fishermen, gardeners and more.

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