Yes, Harry and Meghan in the bombshell interview “will blurt out the tensions with the royal family”

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On 7 March the prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle they will grant friend Oprah Winfrey the first television interview after the definitive break with the royal family. The ninety-minute special, which will air on CBS in prime time, will be «a lot intimate“. The dukes will talk about everything, from the second child on the way to themes more “Hot” come farewell to the royal family and the choice to move to America. All royal observers have been claiming for days that the Sussexes, with their revelations, they will make the Crown tremble.

A scenario that in light of the new details reported by the sources of E! News it seems more and more likely. Who attended, last week, the recording of the interview, ensures that Harry and Meghan “they spilled the beans on everything, including tensions with the royal family“. A subject that has been speculated on for months but on which none of the parties involved, so far, had uttered a word. “It is true that there are strong frictions with the royal family. The interview will shed some light on everything that has happened to arrive at this situation. For Harry and Meghan it is a relief to be away from the British Crown».

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The two, continues the insider, in front of the cameras have a “candid and relaxed” attitude. Probably because, after a year and a half away from court, “they no longer feel the pressure they used to”. But perhaps also because they are aware of the fact that “being aggressive or angry would cause their message to lose strength“. In the special, the Sussex «will also touch on the theme of mental health. And how theirs has been severely tested by everything that has been said about them ».

The ninety-minute special really promises to be explosive. More than the infamous interview with which Lady Diana in 1995 shocked the world – and embarrassed the monarchy – by talking to the BBC about her wedding “a little too crowded” (cause Camilla Parker Bowles) with Carlo of England.

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