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Young married couple decides to undergo surgery to avoid having children and being a family of two

Having or not having children is a crucial decision for any couple. They are often pressured or judged without considering that many of them simply do not want to play a parental role. This is the case of Lilia Zoraya Echeverría, 27, and Ulises Velásquez, 30.

Lilia and Ulises are firefighters and they were always clear that having children was not part of their life plan. They both knew they had found their twin when they expressed their feelings and immediately agreed.

A shared idea

Lilia and Ulysses

Ulises admitted that the idea of ​​being a father always bothered him as well as Lilia.

Since I was a child I was certain that I did not want to have children. I saw myself with a husband, with some pets, but children have never appeared in my life.

– Lilia

The decision is already made

Lilia and Ulysses with husky dog

When she said ‘you know what, I don’t want children’, I was shocked because I didn’t want them either. That was the moment we said: we are made for each other.


After looking for the best contraceptive method, they realized that everyone had a risk and most of those that are aimed at women caused hormonal problems.

Ulises made the decision to have a vasectomy, an action that meant a great act of love for Lilia, who waits for the pandemic to pass to also have an operation and reaffirm her position.

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