Young woman confesses that she supported her boyfriend, he put him in business and he ended up cheating on her

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Since Shakira premiered her collaboration Bizarrap and showed that she is not afraid of anything after the infidelity of her ex Gerard Piqué, several celebrities have joined in her support and have even told their own anecdotes, such as the tiktoker Audrey Ochoa, who opened up about an ex she helped cover all his expenses only to have him bankrupt and cheat on her.

The young woman also expressed how her ex turned her against her own mother, claiming that she stole money from him. As expected, her story went viral, and while Audrey hasn’t revealed the name of the cockroach (as she calls it), her followers have already drawn her own conclusions.

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Young woman confesses that she supported her boyfriend and despite everything he ended up cheating on her, she spent 52 thousand pesos a month to be with him

Andrey narrated that at the beginning of his relationship with the cockroach he paid for some of the things and outings they had. However, later she invited him to eat and he accepted without any problem that he paid the bill not just once, but several times.

It all started quite naturally, since when I met him he had paid me some things and I felt committed to having to pay him.

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But this was only the beginning, because with the passage of time, Audrey also paid for the English classes that the cockroach took, as well as the rent, water, electricity, gas and pantry of the place where she lived with him.


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Tired of seeing that he did not put a single penny for the expenses, the girl proposed to open a business in which she would be the investor and he would be her worker. However, after investing a large amount of money, the business did not pay off. Andrey was running out of monetary funds and her mother asked him to stop being with that guy because she was only impoverishing her.

As if this were not enough, his ex dared to tell him that if he did not have money it was because his mother stole it. This only brought more problems to Audrey’s life, who ended up disappointed to find out that her crush was unfaithful.

Although Audrey did not give more details about how she discovered her ex’s infidelity, nor did she reveal the name of the aforementioned, her followers have already pointed to her ex-partner Jerry as being the kept boy, something that neither of them has confirmed or denied until now. moment.

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