‘Merlina’: Fingers was played by a real actor and that’s how they filmed their scenes

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The Addams Family has always been characterized by its colorful characters with unique and magnetic personalities. But there is an interpreter who stands out for his curious quality of being a part of the body and nothing more.

That’s right, we refer to Fingers (Thing in English), who in all its versions wins the love of the public, and for the new series merlin was no exception, which is surely due to the fact that this character had the honor of being played by a real actor, just like in the 90s series.

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Victor Dorobantu premiere Merlina

Behind the charismatic member of the family is the Romanian Victor Dorobantu, who works as an illusionist and actor. amateur in his country. But now she rose to world fame due to his role in merlinwhich made his hand the most famous since Adam’s, of Adan creation of Michelangelo.

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However, the job was not as easy as we might imagine, as apart from Victor having to wear a seamed prosthetic hand and a blue suit, he also had to get into super awkward positions to film his scenes. Jenna Ortega said that it was a very extensive job and said the following about the contagious mood of her partner:

Victor Dorobantu recording for Merlina

He wore a blue suit and hid behind walls to hide his body. They built a prosthetic in his hand to pass as his wrist, and he walked. To Tim [Burton] he really liked her mannerisms and Dorobantu would spend hours doing her hair and makeup every day just to put on that hand.

For his part, Dorobantu confessed that the personality of Fingers was built by all the collaborators of the series during its recording. Furthermore, in his instagram He shared some behind-the-scenes photos where we see his incredible work as Merlina’s right hand.

Victor Dorobantu in recording as Dedos de Merlina

The character was created from scratch. We just improvise and try to make it natural.

Source: Okchicas

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