YouTube, Twitch and Netflix in one bottle: VKontakte presented a video display case

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Today, November 17, the developers of the social network “VKontakte” officially presented a new video showcase called “VK Video”, which provides users with access to an impressive library of various content. Representatives of the social network said that in the new section it will be possible to watch films, series, television shows, sports matches and even e-sports broadcasts, as well as many other videos distributed by thematic categories. It is important to note that access to this content is provided free of charge and in high definition (including Full HD and 4K).

For example, full-length professional content will be divided into thematic sections like “Films and Series”, “TV Shows”, “Video Games” and so on, while user-generated content and semi-professional videos on VK Video will be presented in selections and recommendations … The service developers noted that an artificial intelligence-based system is used for more accurate recommendations, and the latest machine learning-based search platform was created for accurate search. VKontakte believes that new technologies increase viewer engagement through more relevant content.

In addition, in separate sections of “VK Video” you can watch uploaded videos, recordings of live broadcasts, study your browsing history and look at the videos you like. And content authors can also create playlists and distribute content between them, and users can subscribe to these collections (the list of their subscriptions can be viewed in the corresponding tab of the service) in order to receive fresh releases in a timely manner. All this is already available in the web version of the VKontakte social network and in the mobile application in the Services tab.

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