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Zelensky: I’m Not Sure Putin Is Alive – I Don’t Understand Exactly Who We’re Dealing With

THE Volodymyr Zelensky spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos and among other things, he mentioned that Vladimir Putin he may be dead, since according to him, Russia makes “otherwise” decisions.

I don’t quite understand who to talk to and about what. I’m not sure Putin is the president of Russia. I don’t quite understand if he is alive and who makes the decisions”, he said characteristically, according to metro.co.uk.

He also added that “how can someone promise European leaders one thing and the next day launch a full-scale invasion of a country. I don’t quite understand who we are dealing with. When we say “peace talks”, I don’t understand exactly with whom we should have them”.

The moment Zelensky speaks via video call in Davos

However, his statements did not go unanswered, since the Kremlin issued a statement via Dmitry Peskov, noting that “it is clear that both Russia and Putin are a big problem for today’s Ukraine and for Zelensky. And it is clear that from a purely psychological point of view, Zelensky would prefer that neither Russia nor Putin existed.”

“The sooner Ukraine and Zelensky realize that Russia and Putin exist and will exist and that sooner or later they will have to abandon everything Russianso much the better for them,” the Kremlin spokesman then added.

Source: News Beast

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