10 most terrifying phenomena in space. For example, vampire stars

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Space, despite its amazing beauty and attraction of the unknown, is a concentration of terrible phenomena and objects. Any human contact with most of these incredible inhabitants of the Universe will end in instant collapse, but among all the terrible and terrifying things, there is a whole list of phenomena from which any intelligent beings (suddenly we are not alone in the Universe) should stay as far away as possible. They amaze the imagination, raise a lot of questions from the scientific community and are something that should not be approached at a distance of several galaxies. It’s time to get to know them.

vampire stars

Stars, as you know, can eventually go out – it takes millions of years, but for the Universe this is not so much. The same happens with white dwarfs, which, however, do not immediately surrender under the yoke of a future collapse – if another star is at an accessible distance, then white dwarfs of the Ia Supernovas type are able to suck out the substances necessary for their existence from the donor. The process continues until the “vampire” has enough power to turn into a supernova, which is usually accompanied by an incredible explosion for the entire galaxy. It is good that there is no such neighbor near the Sun.

Almost like a neighbor who connected to Wi-Fi, only a little scarier | European Space Agency

Rain of glass

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It is difficult to surprise a person who has studied at least a little space and its unique phenomena, for example, with acid rain or incredible temperatures. However, the Chanterelle constellation is ready to surprise even the most experienced connoisseurs – here is a certain blue planet called HD 189733 A b, on the surface of which it literally rains from glass. It’s all about the silicates that were discovered by scientists in the atmosphere of the planet, as well as a temperature of 930 ° C on the light and 425 ° C on the dark side of a strange space object. With such precipitation, of course, not a single space suit will help.

On such a planet, even Superman would not be very comfortable | The Advertiser

darkest planet

The planet TrEs-2b is officially the darkest planet NASA has ever discovered – it reflects less than 1% of all light from outside. Scientists believe that this is directly related to the gases that occupy the lion’s share of the planet’s surface, absorbing the sun’s rays and more. And, what is most unpleasant in this situation, the surface of the planet under gases, according to the same scientists (no one is in a hurry to check), is heated to 1100 ° C. Based on this, we can safely say that TrEs-2b is at the very last place in the list of planets that humanity wants to visit in the future.

You can’t imagine a worse place for an even tan | Cyber ​​space and time

Incredible electric current

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In the Universe, of course, there are a huge number of unusual phenomena and objects, and the galaxy 3C303 looks even more non-standard against their background. It’s all about a supermassive black hole, which boasts an incredible magnetic field – it generates the largest electric current in the entire universe. Experts rate it at 10eighteen ampere, which is roughly equal to the current from one trillion lightning bolts on Earth. And since such electrical storms occur constantly in a black hole, it is scary to even imagine that a person would go at least in this direction. It is better to study galaxies in the opposite direction from this miracle.

It’s much more profitable than solar panels or windmills | deviant art

Wandering black holes

We can safely say that black holes are one of the most terrible phenomena in the Universe – because of the incredible gravitational attraction, they are able to “devour” any space objects without a chance of escape. And although the vast majority of black holes are absolutely stationary, there are those that are able to move through space at a speed of 5,000,000 kilometers per hour. They simply plow through space, absorbing everything in their path, and humanity can only hope that there is no such space monster within its range – we definitely won’t be able to escape with the current level of technology.

A black hole is three times more dangerous when it can travel | Universe Space Tech

Giant black holes

By themselves, black holes are already an impressive danger, but some time ago, scientists discovered two representatives of space objects that are unique in their kind. The mass of each discovered black hole is approximately equal to the mass of 10 billion suns. Just imagine the force of gravity of such a significant cosmic object, if the Sun alone is capable of holding entire planets near it. Such a hole is capable of sucking in absolutely everything that appears in its path, and experts are sure that such giants exist in the center of most galaxies – even in our Milky Way.

Heavyweight among the giants | BBC Earth

Killer asteroids

The difference between all the above phenomena and an asteroid is that they are only theoretically a danger – humanity, most likely, will never get to some objects. But an asteroid that can crash into the Earth at great speed can be considered a real threat, since even small space “pebbles” with a diameter of 40 meters can destroy entire cities, while an asteroid a kilometer wide may well destroy our planet. Actually, this has already happened relatively recently – then dinosaurs disappeared in the blink of an eye.

And no one has developed lasers for destroying asteroids | BBC

Spinner of galactic proportions

A binary star called RX J0806.3+1527 is a true miracle in the universe. The bottom line is that the star consists of two white dwarfs that constantly revolve around each other at an exorbitant speed of 400 km / s. At the same time, the distance between the dwarfs is only 80,000 kilometers – this is a fifth of the distance from the Moon to the Earth. But that’s not all – gradually the distance between the dwarfs is reduced by about 60 centimeters per day, so sooner or later (after about 340 thousand years) the white dwarfs will crash into each other, stopping such a wonderful rotation. And it is better at this moment to be as far away as possible.

But how beautiful it looks in the night sky | Chandra X-ray Observatory

Galactic Storm

In addition to the fact that some supermassive black holes are incredibly dangerous in themselves, as they are able to flatten and “eat” any object in the Universe, this cosmic phenomenon also causes a giant wind in galaxies, smoothly flowing into a storm. For example, in 2021, NASA scientists discovered a galactic storm that arose 13.1 billion years ago – it is so powerful that it can sweep away planets in its path. At the same time, scientists themselves do not quite understand how exactly the galactic wind interacts with black holes, which makes this phenomenon even more terrible. What could be more dangerous than the unknown cosmic wind?

Natural disasters on a cosmic scale | cool cosmos

Absolute silence

Of course, terrible planets and all-consuming black holes are terrifying, but cosmic silence is no less frightening phenomenon. Indeed, in outer space, in fact, there are no sounds, because sound is vibrations of air, but in space it is not. Just imagine the vast expanses of the Universe, where for millions of years there has been a hopeless silence without a single rustle and whistle. At the same time, scientists managed to record the sounds of some space objects by converting radio emission into sound waves – it sounds very frightening, even in comparison with the icy silence of vacuum space.

The Universe came up with its own noise reduction system | SBS TV

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