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10 Netflix True Crime Miniseries You Must Watch If You Liked ‘Dahmer’


Taking into account the number of documentaries, films and podcast about true crime, the obsession with this type of content is more than obvious. But don’t be scared, it doesn’t mean that we want to be serial killers or anything like that, but it shocks us to know how someone else is capable of taking a life with their own hands and not feeling any remorse.

After seeing (in less than a week) Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, It is possible that they have made you want to see similar content, that is why we bring you this list of miniseries and documentaries that may be of interest to you, now that you mood of true crime was activated.

1. Crime Scene: Cecil Hotel Disappearance

The Cecil hotel has all the necessary elements to create a nightmare, since a large number of strange events have occurred in this housing complex, from suicides to hosting a serial killer (Richard Ramírez), that is why it was won the nickname of the “hotel of death”.

The event that catapulted him to world fame was the case of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old girl who decided to take a trip to Los Angeles, California, falling into the hands of the Cecil hotel. The young woman was found dead in a water tank. In this four-part documentary, her mysterious disappearance is analyzed.

two. kidnapped in plain sight

In the 1970s, the term was not known. grooming, which refers to the manipulation of adults against minors, taking advantage of their innocence to abuse them. In this documentary you will be able to see how far this act can go, as well as its terrifying consequences.

Robert Berchtold was the neighbor of the Broberg family, he quickly established a friendly relationship with them so much so that the children began to see him as a second father, which allowed him to kidnap Jan Broberg twice. The manipulation was so twisted that the first time he convinced the family to drop the charges against him.

3. a master stroke

This four-episode miniseries deals with the case known as Pizza Bomber, one of the most famous heists in the criminal history of the United States. In it, what seemed like a terrorist attack is deciphered, but ended up being a complex criminal conspiracy.

Brian Douglas Wells was a pizza delivery boy, who was used as a human bomb by three criminals, who gave him a series of instructions to rob a bank, but things got out of control, and you can’t imagine what happens.

Four. Justice for little Gabriel

A heartbreaking but essential miniseries to be aware of the injustices committed against minors. In addition, so that in this way system failures are not forgotten. In its six episodes we observe the unfortunate life of Gabriel Fernández, a small victim of torture and murder at the hands of his mother and stepfather.

During the months that his torture lasted, several people worried about the minor and did the proper procedure to get him out of his house, but the social workers and the system in general failed Gabriel.

5. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes

A three-episode docuseries that delves into the life and crimes of John Wayne Gacy, better known as “The Killer Clown.” In the 1970s, John murdered and abused more than 30 men while living a second life, presenting himself as an exemplary neighbor.

The tapes, which recently came to light, were recorded before his trial, between 1979 and 1980. For more than 60 hours, Wayne talks about his modus operandi and how he managed to avoid being seen as suspicious for so long.

6. The Yorkshire Ripper

This four-episode miniseries is a reconstruction of the events that occurred in the late 1970s in the United Kingdom, where Peter Sutcliffe terrorized women who worked as prostitutes, mistreating their bodies to such an extent that he would earn the nickname “Ripper”.

It is important to applaud the work of the creators of the documentary, because they not only address the horrible events, something that often leads to romanticizing the murderers, but also analyze police incompetence and their lack of interest in solving the deaths of prostitutes.

7. Sons of Sam: A Descent into Hell

During four episodes we are told about the violent attacks by David Berkowitz, which took place in New York between 1976 and 1977. The focus of the miniseries is given by the journalist Maury Terry, who after years of investigating the case, defends that there were several murderers behind the horrible events and that they should be identified as a satanic cult.

8. this is how they see us

The heartbreaking story of a group of young people who were imprisoned for a crime they did not commit and who are currently raising awareness about the consequences of hate speech. The case better known as “The Central Park Five” is proof of the institutional racism that many people of color are subjected to.

In four episodes we see how five lives were taken between illegal interrogations and dirty trials. The truth is that it is a difficult series to watch, but once you start, you will not be able to stop.

9. Night Stalker: On the hunt for a serial killer

We enter the mind of one of the most despicable serial killers in the history of the United States: Richard Ramírez, also known as “night stalker”. This series explores his unbridled desire to kill and how he spread fear throughout Los Angeles, California during 1984.

Throughout four episodes, the story of the policemen who hunted him down and the memories of the survivors lead us by the hand to understand the panic that stalked them.

10. Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

In a time when the internet didn’t exist and different police stations didn’t share information with each other, Ted Bundy was able to grow up as a serial killer, known for his intelligence. However, it is important to recognize that he was simply a product of a dark period, where it was easier to get away with it.

In this four-episode docuseries we enter the mind of Ted Bundy due to the recordings of journalist Stephen G. Michaud. In addition, the approach of the story leads us to delve into the role that the media plays to romanticize these criminals.

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