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104-tonne bulldozer deployed to dig trenches in Iceland amid fear of volcano eruption

As the seismic sequence continues unabated in Iceland, the country’s Meteorological Service estimates that the possibility of an eruption Fagradalsfjall volcano still considered high. According to Daily Mail400 earthquakes shook, yesterday, the Grindavik of the 4,000 inhabitants, who have already evacuated the city.

John Smellie, a volcanologist at the University of Leicester in the UK, said: “Luckily people can get away quickly, so it’s unlikely that anyone will be in danger or lose their lives” and added that “any eruption is not expected to have as big an impact as this one.” of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010″.

The largest bulldozer in the country was mobilized

The authorities have decided to use Iceland’s largest bulldozer to dig trenches, which are intended to prevent any lava flows from destroying key buildings in the city.

Although the magnitude and intensity of the seismic activity is decreasing, the Bureau of Meteorology said the volcanic risk assessment remains unchanged, with the country in a state of emergency. Just a few days ago, experts were saying that magma was accumulating three miles underground, but now it has risen much closer to the surface, according to estimates. “At this stage, it is not possible to determine exactly if and where the magma may reach the surface,” the Met Office said.

Source: News Beast

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