13-year-old peripheral dancer passes Bolshoi approval

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A 13-year-old dancer Guilherme de Lima from the outskirts of Ibura de Baixo (PE), he was approved to study at the Bolshoi Theater School, a branch of the renowned Bolshoi Theater gives Russia , in Joinville (SC). The conquest makes “a movie play” in the young man’s head, who tells how the conquest is linked to the family’s overcoming difficulties.

For the boy, who trains up to three times a day since he was three years old, approval represents the achievement of a goal. “I want to become a professional dancer, to be able to teach children who don’t have many conditions, to open an academy, to become a teacher, to dance all over the world”, he lists.

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Guilherme’s mother, Bethânia Rodrigues says that her son shows that he was born with a gift for dancing, something very intrinsic to him. Despite the beauty of his vocation, the boy’s path was not easy and involved overcoming discrimination and financial difficulties.

“He suffered a lot of prejudice, both as a small child, before entering dance, as he also lived in a community and the way of expressing himself is different. He suffered now, when he was in Joinville doing the audition. A boy adopted a comment calling him gay”, says Bethânia. The boy did not work for the Bolshoi national team, she said.

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For the mother, faced with the difficult situation, “he [Guilherme] knows how to deal better than I do.” The young man has always trained at Escola Fátima Freitas and is described as “dedicated, happy and full of joy” by his teachers.

“I cried a lot, I cried a lot, because there was a movie in my head of everything I’ve been living all these years, because it’s 9 years of my story with Guilherme at Fátima Freitas Academy”, says the mother.

Financial difficulties and future

In addition to prejudice, mother and son together faced financial difficulties that came to light in the second phase of the hearing, when they had to go in person to Joinville, where they would have to stay a week for Guilherme to take classes.

“We campaigned, many people were moved and helped us”, says Bethânia.

It was after the second audition that people close to him received the news that the boy had passed. The pride of family, teachers and friends is now mixed with the distress of change.

“Bolshoi is the dream of many dancers, it’s everything I can’t give him, everything from the dance he feels like doing and I can’t give what the Bolshoi is offering, so for me it’s a very big happiness and, at the same time, At the same time, I feel sad, because the financial difficulty is very great. I have to leave, drop my life and start from scratch there”, says Bethânia.

The woman, who is a single mother and works selling drinks at home, says that the first time they went to Joinville, they did a campaign to raise money via PIX, but the definitive trip to the city is still unknown, since she doesn’t know whether you will be able to accompany your child.

“I plan to go with him and rent a room in someone’s house”, she says, stressing that, for that, she would have to rent the house where they currently live. Another option would be for the boy to be cared for by the so-called caregiver mothers, who charge a fee for this.

“It’s very difficult to have talent and not have money,” he says.

*Intern supervised by Bárbara Brambila

Source: CNN Brasil

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