Russian Defense Ministry map confirms significant losses at Kherson

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A map used by the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday (4) at its daily briefing confirmed significant losses of territory in Ukraine’s Kherson region, compared to a map of the same area used during Monday’s meeting ( 3).

Thus, the reports by Ukrainian and pro-Russian officials, as well as pro-Russian military analysts, of significant advances towards the occupied city of Kherson, on the west bank of the Dnipro River, prove to be real.

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Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, who spoke as the map was shown in full screen, did not mention the losses. But he said the Russian military destroyed the tanks and killed Kiev’s forces in the area of ​​several cities that are now under Ukrainian control – a tacit acknowledgment of Ukraine’s advance.

The occupying forces of Russia have found it difficult in the last week to maintain the dominated territories. The Ukrainian army has successfully completed offensives in the southern and eastern regions.

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On Sunday, Ukrainian forces liberated a village in the Donetsk region and attacked targets in Luhank, officials said. Also over the weekend, they regained control of the strategic town of Lyman.

Source: CNN Brasil

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