15 Beautiful mermaid tattoos that will take you to the bottom of the sea

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Tattoos are one of the most addictive things in this world, because once you start seeing your body decorated with your favorite art, there is no going back. For those who are already following this path and do not have the money to go right now to mark their skin, we send them all our support, because we see a transfer as difficult.

Another thing that we can help with is by leaving you these beautiful mermaid tattoo ideas, because it is no secret to anyone that these beautiful mythological beings have everything to be part of your collection. It must be because of that magical quality that stands out from her fluid movements or because of her long, mesmerizing hair. For whatever reasons, these ideas are going to make you fall in love like a siren song.

1. One Line Minimalist

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Minimalist Mermaid Tattoo

2. Mini Mermaid

3. Add text and it will look beautiful

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Mermaid tattoos that will make you fall in love, you will want to get them all

4. More detailed

5. In pointillism technique

6. Colorful and vibrant

7. For Disney lovers

8. Abstract Ariel

9. Geometric Mermaid Tail

10. For moms who love to get tattooed

11. Mermaid trapped in your skin

12. For the most darks

13. Mermaid vintage

14. The most mysterious

15. East tattoo gives us a thousand years of life

Source: Okchicas

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