15 Ideas to make your photos look curvy and eloquent

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Sometimes no matter how much we think of something new to post on networks, our imagination simply goes away. But one of the advantages of Instagram is that it gives us original ideas to pose like all professionals and look spectacular in our next profile photo.

Put on your best outfit, put on makeup and get inspired by some of these 15 different ways to pose and look beautiful in a photo, without much effort and with original ideas to fill your notifications with little hearts and make your love fall in love. crush.

1. With your jeans favorites and seductive eyes

2. In front of a mirror with the front camera

3. Show off your legs with this pose

4. Tell your boyfriend to give you some flowers

5. Use the bottom of a glass or a lens fish-eye

6. Ask your best friend to help you

7. Like a whole bichota in front of the mirror

8. In a chair with a killer outfit

9. The selfie flirtatious while you go in the car

10. Showing off the boots you bought

11. From top to bottom as in the 2000s

12. Even the michi can accompany you

13. Everything is in the attitude you show

14. One just like I don’t want you to take me

15. Living with nature as a fairy

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