2-year-old girl with an IQ of 146 joins the gifted association

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Kashe Quest is a two-year-old girl like any other, the only difference is that at her young age she is already the youngest member of Mensa, an exclusive club for all those with an IQ above average.

She may be only two years old, but according to her parents, Kashe’s abilities include naming all the elements on the periodic table, identifying the 50 states of the United States solely by shape and geographic location, as well as learning Spanish and deciphering patterns. .

Kill Quest

He has always shown us, more than anything else, his passion for exploring his surroundings and asking why. If you don’t know something, you want to understand it, how it works, what it is for, and once you learn it, you apply it to your daily life.

Her family shared that from her first word, the rest of her skills developed rapidly and it didn’t take long for little Kashe to say complete sentences with more than five words.

Kashe Quest and her parents

Once her pediatrician noticed the rapid development during her checkup at 18 months, Kashe already knew some numbers and colors, so they decided to give her the Mensa test. To her surprise, the little girl had a result of 146.

With such an intelligent girl, Kashe’s parents continue to communicate normally with her and even dared to create a school for children under the age of six called Modern Schoolhouse, which opened last October and currently serves 12 children.

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