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15 Outfits with platform sandals to tame the heat

15 Outfits With Platform Sandals To Tame The Heat

Yes, we already talked about all the clothes that we can wear in the summer, but… does anyone want to think about what shoes we can wear to combine them? Sneakers are a wardrobe staple and look great with just about anything. However, from time to time it is good to leave our little feet in the open air.

Sandals are an excellent option, but this time we will talk about those that have a bit of a platform, because not only do they give us a few extra inches, they also make our legs look spectacular with what we wear. Here we will give you a few ideas so you can use your outfits with platform sandals.

1. With a total white outfit for them to shine

2. One look perfect to go to the beach

3. They look spectacular with a long skirt

4. This will be your favorite outfit to enjoy the heat

5. Oh yeah, you need those baggy pants

6. With skinny jeans they also look perfect

7. A look casual but very chic

8. Platform sandals are perfect for the day

9. You can also take them to the office and look elegant

10. If you are relaxed, then try this combination

11. Elegant, seductive and feminine

12. This is the winning combination

13. With dress midi and gladiator style

14. Perfect for walking for an ice cream

15. They are so comfortable that you will love them

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