15 situations that remind you how ‘old’ you are

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Every day new trends are emerging in social networks and they do not exactly have to do with fashion or strange dances, but also with nostalgia.

The most recent of arose in Twitter and it bears by name: You are old but so old? And yes, as he says so well, it consists of taking a look at the past to remember all those songs, sweets, programs, events or situations of yesteryear. Here we find the 15 best ones to give you an idea of ​​how fast time is passing.

1. So were the mouse before

Computer mouse with a ball in the center

2. We miss these controls!

Gray nintendo 64 controller with different colored buttons

3. These were good cartoons

Caricatures that happened in Disney Chanel

4. The cell phone that was everyone’s obsession

Pink Moto Rzr cell phone that opens and closes

5. Thanks to this mat we learned to dance

Different colored mat with arrows to learn to dance

6. We will always carry Poo-chi in our hearts

Pochi puppies of different colors

7. On Sunday mornings you used to watch Bananas in Pyjamas

Banana Pajamas Show

8. You are already old if you know how to write this

Calculator with letters written on it that say El Bebe

9. Don’t deny it, you wanted to be a minispy

Cast of the movie Minispías

10. Where were the RBD posters?

Different posters with the Rebelde band

11. Buzz, buzz

Msn windows to chat or chat with friends

12. To have a balance you had to scratch the code

Telcel friend balance card

13. You were part of this eternal discussion. Was it blue or white?

Debate of the dress that was of different colors

14. Surely you used any of these

Clothes from the early 2000s we used

15. Not only did you download music, but also many viruses

Ares downloads

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