Sanremo 2021: Achille Lauro, who “doesn’t care” with Boss Doms and Fiorello

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The fringed white dress, the flag of Italy clutched in the right hand and a passionate kiss to the groom who pulls up his veil, breaking down, once again, the connotations of gender. In his fourth painting, Achille Lauro not only finds his trust Boss Doms, kissing like last year, but also I do not care, the song that marked its definitive consecration on the Sanremo stage in 2020.

Shortly after another success and another revival: that of Rolls Royce, another Sanremo song that Lauro chooses to sing together with an exceptional guest star: Rosario Fiorello, dressed up like a statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, the lips framed by a black lipstick and an involvement so full and all-encompassing that it is completely unable to move once the performance is over as, by now, it has become “a painting”, “an oil”.

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Once again Achille Lauro decides to clarify the message he has chosen to bring to the Ariston for the penultimate time: “I am Punk Rock, an icon of impropriety, the purity of non-conformism, politically inadequate, youth culture, Saint Francis who strips himself of his possessions, Elizabeth Tudor dying for the people, Joan of Arc going to the stake, Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. I am a child with a crest, a man with fishnet stockings, a woman who washes herself from respectability and gets dirty with freedom. They are the aesthetics of rejection, the rejection of belonging to any ideology. I am Morgana that your mother disapproves of the approval of “it has always been done like this”. I’m Marilù. God bless who cares. “

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