16-core Core i9-12900K is 25% faster than AMD’s flagship Ryzen 9 5950X

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After they started selling engineering samples of Core i9-12900K processors in China, it was logical to wait for the results of their first tests. And they appeared.

According to the source, the Core i9-12900K was tested in Cinebench R20: in a single-threaded test, the CPU scored 810 points, in a multi-threaded one – 11,600 points. The result is not overwhelming, but very good compared to the current flagships. For comparison, AMD’s current flagship, the 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X, is 25% slower in a single-threaded test and 11% slower in a multi-threaded test. But you need to understand that the engineering sample of the Core i9-12900K was tested, the performance of the production version of this CPU should be even higher.

The Core i9-12900K is the top model in Intel’s Alder Lake CPU line. It consists of eight large Golden Cove cores and eight small Gracemont cores. In total – 16 cores and 24 threads (multithreading is supported only by large cores). The maximum frequency of the Golden Cove cores is 5.0 GHz, the maximum frequency of the Gracemont is 3.7 GHz (with all active cores). The CPU is also assigned 30MB of L3 cache, and the TDP is 125 (PL1) and 228 (PL2) W.

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