17 ways to combine your striped pants

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The vertical striped pants are one of the garments that have been used the most, since their versatility allows you to dress them with any type of top, whether woven, short-sleeved or suspenders. They can be combined in such different ways that we should incorporate them as one of the necessary basics in our closet.

There are very varied designs: the typical white with black, bright colors like pink and orange or also the denim with thin lines in a much lighter tone. Here we show you 17 outfits very different that you can create with the pair of striped pants that best suits your tastes.

1. You can use them for a casual outing

brunette girl wearing a white t-shirt with a print and yellow striped pants with blue and white lines

2. In combination with your converse favorites

redhead girl wearing blue, pink and white striped pants with hot pink tank top and pink converse

3. Denim looks good with everything

brown haired girl wearing a white t-shirt with striped jeans and black tennis shoes

4. You can use them at any time of the year

brown haired girl wearing black sweater with yellow pants with blue stripes with white

5. In summer, with a crop-top and military boots

redhead girl wearing a green crop top and pink, blue, white and purple striped pants with black ankle boots

6. There are pants with a loose and cool fit

brunette girl wearing an orange shirt with a black crop top underneath and yellow striped pants with blue and white and white sports sneakers

7. Tight and short to enhance your figure

redhead girl wearing a yellow jacket, cherry crop top, red with white and pink striped pants and sports sneakers

8. The flared 70s are in fashion

long dyed hair girl wearing black sublime t-shirt with red pants with white stripes

9. The styles cheeky they favor all

short brown hair girl in sunglasses, black t-shirt and green, yellow and red striped pants with white tennis shoes

10. You can use them just to be at home

brunette girl with orange t-shirt and white, yellow and light blue striped pants

11. Go out with your friends for a while

blonde girl in hat, sunglasses, gray long sleeve top with yellow, green and black striped pants

12. Or just have one selfie very original

redhead girl wearing green button down sweater, red, green, cherry and black striped pants and black leather ankle boots

13. There are much more elegant models

brunette girl wearing sunglasses, black t-shirt and black striped pants with white and gold flats

14. There are also the loose and casual

dark long hair girl wearing gray t-shirt with red, black and white striped pants and white sports sneakers

15. The idea is that you combine the one you like the most

brown-haired girl wearing sunglasses, beige sweater, black pants with white stripes and white sports sneakers

16. Whether it’s a colorful retro style pair

red-haired girl wearing a long-sleeved green crop top with blue lines, yellow, green, red, and white striped pants with black sports tennis shoes

17. Or a casual one for a very chic

blonde girl with sunglasses wearing a white sleeveless crop top, green, yellow, white and black striped pants with sandals and small blue bag

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