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20 photos of michis that will make your heart melt with tenderness

It doesn’t matter if you are team dogs, because we are sure that there is no way in which a cat has not made you smile with one of its occurrences. In fact, being honest, cats are very strange creatures, because they can be as mysterious as they are elegant, but they are also very cute and silly. With that attitude of royalty that they carry, it is very easy to understand why they were worshiped as gods. There is no doubt that they were destined to be the masters of the Internet.

However, if you don’t have the joy of having one at home, you can see them through the screen, because even the busiest need a dose of cats to brighten their day. So if you need a little break from life, relax while you laugh or rejoice with the following stories and photos of cats that have more charm in a nail, than a dog in its entire body (my cat forced me to write that, aid!)

1. Jesus does not return because he cannot move

If you’ve ever been chosen by a cat to sleep on you, you know how sacred that is. However, if you move and wake him up, a forest fairy dies, so don’t do that.

2. He adopted you

There are cats that know from the moment they see you that they want to spend the rest of their lives with you. There is no greater honor than love at first sight. We know from his face that he feels at home.

3. Karen, wake up!

There is nothing more annoying in the world than a cat begging for food, because they are the queens of the drama. Do not even think about ignoring them because it will be worse.

4. Maximum concentration

‘After laughing, clean up, please. When I come back, I don’t want to see that here.’

5. Standing ovation

‘Then the monster started growling at me, so I threw rocks at it and killed it. Afterwards, I flew with rocket boots, I was able to climb on his head. You should have seen, it was amazing.’

6. Double prize

Friends are friends forever and ever, through thick and thin. I will always be by your side, I will never abandon you, because that is how friends are.

7. Something got into my eye

This man had never owned a cat, but when he found one he took it home. Since then they both sleep like this.

8. Don’t stop doing it

There are things that you didn’t know you needed in your life until they arrive. This is one of them.

9. Manners make the cat

This is Ralph, he always picks up his friend to play and this is how he waits for him to come out.

10. Unheard of

‘Karen! I’m glad you came, the TV passed out’.

11. Karen, I’m with you on this

‘Don’t worry, we’re going to recover and then we can eat tuna together.’

12. How dare you!

Why would God make such a cute creature that doesn’t like to be touched, that’s evil.

13. Soul Eater

Do not underestimate him, if you look into his eyes too much, you may fall into madness.

14. Nobody shines brighter than me

‘It makes me angry that they’re not admiring me, but from now on, that’s going to change.’

15. So It Begins

‘The ritual is complete, humans, fear! because the reign of the cats begins today’.

16. What year is this?

We’ve all been there when you decide to take a half-hour nap but it turns into a six-hour nap.

17. Photo of the Year

That man is a national hero for patiently waiting for this photo.

18. Cat-seal

Observe the strange specimen half seal, half cat!

19. Today is a good day

That little face encourages me to continue every day.

20. Like a paunchy cat

When they tell me that there is already dead bread in the supermarket.

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