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4.4 million Brazilians do not have a bathroom at home, according to a survey

A report by Instituto Trata Brasil shows that 4.4 million Brazilians do not have a bathroom at home.

The study sought to understand how many people had some type of deprivation in relation to basic sanitation, including access to water and sewage collection.

A CNN Radio the executive president of Instituto Trata Brasil Luana Pretto highlighted that the majority of the population that does not have a bathroom in their home lives below the poverty line.

“Mostly, they are from the Northeast region, especially Maranhão Bahia and Piauí, in addition to the North, such as Pará and Amazonas, they are up to 20 years old, have incomplete primary education and have a family income of up to 2,400 reais per month”, he explained.

According to the expert, access to the bathroom is directly related to human dignity.

“When you don’t have a bathroom in your home, there is a series of associated diseases, such as schistosomiasis, leptospirosis and diarrhea,” he said.

As a result, people become “automatically sicker”, with lower productivity at work, in addition to affecting “children’s educational development.”

“The reduction in the possibility of access to Higher Education, for example, impacts an increase in income in the future”, he added.

Luana Pretto also highlighted that, despite most of these people being in the North and Northeast regions, the whole of Brazil suffers from the situation.

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She believes that the issue needs to be a priority for the authorities and the population as a whole, with the need to create housing, basic sanitation and awareness policies.

Luana remembers that in 2003 there were 5.5 million Brazilians without access to bathrooms, that is, the number fell.

“But the speed needs to be greater, at this rate, we will only resolve it in 40 years, we need prioritization”, he stated.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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