4-year-old boy went for a walk in the woods and returned home with a baby deer

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Children have a great ability to make friends, but we never expect them to bring someone so “exotic” home, do we? But this little guy was the exception.

This four-year-old boy went out for a walk in the woods and, as incredible as it may sound, he came home with a new friend: a baby deer.

This little boy just wanted to make friends

Stephanie Brown spoke on social media that she was surprised when her son Dominic, just four years old, returned home from his walk with a new friend. The family was on vacation in the National Park of Virginia, United States when the little one went for a walk. Meanwhile, she was in the cabin they had rented, washing the dishes.

After several minutes he heard how the boy was cleaning his boots on the entrance mat and it was then that he came out to greet him. When he saw it, he was surprised, because he was walking with a baby deer.

I couldn’t even speak, I was in shock and I thought, ‘No way, my mind is playing games with me.’ When I asked him where he found it, he just said that he was alone and that he was going to give him cereal.

Although his mother asked him to return him to the forest, Dominic could not do so because the deer, which the little boy called Flash, followed him, so they lived together for a few days.

Network users were touched by the story

Boy playing with a baby deer

Brown shared a photo of Dominic and Flash without imagining that the image was going to go viral so quickly. Until today, it has already reached 33 thousand reactions and more than 7 thousand comments full of compliments for the little one.

After spending a few days in the forest, it was time to say goodbye. Dominc understood that he could not take Flash with him, but promised that he would visit him again very soon.

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