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5 Movies that show that after your EX something better comes for you

Ending a love relationship can mean a new beginning, there are even those who say that when one door closes, another opens, but sometimes it is not so easy to close it, either because we are already used to what is inside and it is difficult for us to leave. behind that comfort or because we really felt happy and didn’t want a change. Whatever the reason, it is one of the most painful things we can experience.

Even so, it is good to let go of what has already been and welcome the new because many times we continue to think about the past and do not realize what we are wasting, like these five characters, who were so attached to another love that they did not they noticed that they already had their soul mate walking by their side.

1. Crazy and stupid love (2011)

Hannah has been with the same man for years and recently leads her to believe that he is going to propose to her, but he surprises her when he actually asks her to work with him for his law firm. At that moment, she runs away and, because of her anger and adrenaline, she heads to a bar where a man named Jacob had flirted with her some time ago. Drenched from the rain, she walks up to him and kisses him. Thus she begins her love story, the one that is happening at the same time as another. The way these stories connect is perfect.

two. the games of destiny (2013)

After assaulting his wife’s lover, Pat is diagnosed with mental issues and has to go to a psychologist every week, where he is learning how to be more positive in order to get his ex back. In the process he meets Tiffany, who offers her help to achieve it, but only if she becomes her partner for a dance contest. At first, neither trusts the other, but the more time they spend together, they realize that they have a special bond and that no one understands each other like they do.

3. When Harry met Sally (1989)

The movie that makes you believe in soulmates par excellence. Harry and Sally have met at different stages of their lives, but they never even strike up a friendship because they don’t like each other very well. However, they begin to spend more time together when they are both single and very sad about their past relationships. In addition to being absolutely beautiful, this story has segments where we see different couples tell how they met the love of their life.

Four. the wedding singer (1998)

After being stood up at the altar, Robbie can no longer sing at weddings because he’s too depressed to watch others get married. That is why he cannot keep the promise he made to his friend Julia to sing at her wedding. Even so, he helps her with the preparations because his boyfriend is very busy working, apart from the fact that he is not very interested in him. In this way their love begins to grow and they realize that they appeared at the right time to fall in love.

5. legit blonde (2001)

Ellie is a beautiful and intelligent woman who decides to study law at Harvard to show her ex-partner, Warner, that she can behave in a serious and professional manner. When they meet again at the university, he is impressed to see that she managed to meet and she is surprised that he is engaged to another woman. Devastated, she sets out to become the best lawyer and along the way she meets Emmett, who fully trusts her abilities to win a trial where she was hired as her advocate. In addition to finding love, she regains her strength and self-confidence.

Source: Okchicas

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