6 ways to tell the holidays in an original way (with your smartphone)

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The long-awaited holidays are approaching and there will be the desire to tell them using the social networks and digital devices we have available, especially smartphones. Each of us certainly has his own way of describing what he is experiencing but then often the narration is very similar to that of many others.

Nevertheless a few simple indications are enough for more impactful results, which will not only make your adventures more appreciated but they will also increase your pleasure to take photos and videos. On the other hand, “the technology made available by the latest generation smartphones really offers a level of quality similar to that obtainable with professional equipment”, says Keith Ladzinskifamous photographer of National Geographic chosen by Oppo to create your own service using your smartphone.

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The beauty, however, is that it is much more practical and lighter. Each tool that is used to photograph has limits and potential, the use of the telephone allows you to get very close to the subjects to be captured and allows shots and angles that are difficult to replicate with traditional cameras “, recalled the photographer.

These indications already offer some interesting ideas for creating an intriguing reportage. So here are some tips for make the travel story original that we also put into practice in a long weekend in Ibiza in the company of Oppo Find X5 Pro.

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1. Choose a title before you leave
It is an important starting point, get an idea of ​​what it will mean with the images it helps to draw a red thread that will give uniformity to your whole story. You could focus only on landscapes or people to describe the places you are visiting, but the keys to interpretation can also pass from food, music and much more. Also, some visual choices can help make the description more personal: you can privilege close-ups, details, color combinations, capture everything in black and white.

2. Non-trivial shots
Having an “eye” is certainly one of the distinctive elements of professional photographers and recorders but we can easily put some tricks into practice too. Slightly decentralize the subjects that we are framing, working on vanishing points or on the lines that are imaginatively created in our composition, raising or lowering the observation point are operations within everyone’s reach but with far from trivial results.

3. Shooting in motion
Videos are already moving images but we often observe a scene in a static way. One trick to making movies more impactful is that to move together with the context. The new generation smartphones such as have a really effective image stabilization system thanks to which it is possible to use them on the move without making those who see the video get seasick. You can slowly approach a speaking subject, quickly move away from a landscape, but also chase a car.

4. Working with light
This aspect is also one of those that image professionals know well but some rules are easy to follow. The photos generally with the strongest impact are in fact those that give us strong contrasts of light, but also very warm or very cold shades such as those at sunset or sunrise. Therefore avoid shooting during the central hours of the day and look for those situations where the shadows can help you.

5. Use the pro features of the phone
A little out of laziness, a little out of lack of technical knowledge, too often we capture scenes using the phone’s automatic settings. Yet advanced smartphones such as the Oppo Find X5 Pro allow you to choose many parameters as if we had a camera or a professional video camera in our hands. By going to the appropriate menu of the device it is possible to adjust the shutter speed, the shutter, the white balance, the ISO sensitivity and more. You can also select functions that allow you to take special shots such as panoramic photos or shooting original video maybe making a time-lapse. With a little practice you will become very good.

6. Tell a story for yourself
It is a somewhat philosophical but useful reasoning. Too often we tell things thinking more about who will see them and less about us. In many cases it also happens that we all start photographing the same things, perhaps the same monument from the same angle. Instead, find your way, let what you shoot with your smartphone reveal who you really are and what you like. Your Instagram or TikTok wall will certainly become more interesting.

Source: Vanity Fair

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