Tesla Model Y, the reason you might want to switch to a 7-seater in style

Tesla’s 7-seater Model Y promises to become one of the fastest cars in the industry, packed with the latest technology and new features.


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Elon Musk announced that Tesla is planning on becoming a whopping 7-seater luxury in the near future. The company famous for making cars that are nothing out of the book or mundane made it clear that there will be a spacious giant in the make of its Model Y.

The cars are known for being one of the fastest in the industry, the 7-seat model of Model Y promises that but with an added row of two more seats. If you have a family, spouse and kids, this make would be perfect for you.

The 7 seat Tesla Model Y is rumored to begin manufacturing at the beginning of November and may be available by the end of December. Prebooking is also an option if someone wants to make sure that they get these 7 seated wonders by the tech genius himself.

Model Y came after model 3, which had many issues, therefore in the revised make, Tesla spared no expense. The car quite literally became one of a kind in its category and had space with speed and luxury all put together in one.

The cars in Model Y have a record acceleration from 0mph to 65 mph in merely 3.5 seconds. The car is laden with two independent electric motors which respond to the driver’s command like an extension of their body. The control of torque is digital, and the precise control is such that the car is good to go in snow, mud, rain and even off-road.

The seating position for the driver is impeccable, and the design makes it one of the safest to ride on. The seats are elevated while the dashboard is lowered; it helps the driver in observing roads with much clarity and have a safer trip.

The roof is entirely made of glass. This all-glass roof makes an extra bit of headspace and gives a feeling of a giant car interior.

The top speed of this spacious wonder is at a spectacular 155 mph and ranges at 291 miles. It has a long-range battery installed for longer rides through the suburbs or even wilderness. The cars in Model Y can withstand almost any sort of climate and condition.

This EV was made to replace its gas run counterparts from the market like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi.

The car is an all-wheel-drive which is mid-priced and long-ranged. Its released in five colors, three of which are more exclusive and would require an additional payment of $1000 or $2000 to get.

As compared to an SUV, which has a centre of gravity considerably higher and allows very poor control over sharp turns and edges, Model Y can be ridden in a somewhat risqué fashion. Its still not near perfection and should not be handled carelessly; however, between the two choices, Model Y is arguably a safer option.

The controls are majorly placed inside the infotainment panel installed right beside the steering wheel. It is a 15 inched clear display and has all the virtual controls of the car in it. The interior is minimalistic and clean, which leaves more space for you to accommodate your family and friends without having to worry about too many buttons.

The 7 seat Model Y is rumored to have all the specs as mentioned above from the original make and more with added space. The final row will be added either in the middle or at the back of the car. The design of the body is yet to be disclosed, but being an extension of the Model Y, it is safe to say that the vehicle will have a similar look on the exterior.

Very little is disclosed about the interior of the 7 seat Model Y, but assuming it is released under the name of Model Y, this one will too have a minimalistic interior. The colors and seating material are yet to be disclosed; not much is given out regarding those details as well.

The car will have three rows, that’s for sure, and it will be coming sooner than later as Elon Musk has said in his tweet earlier today. It is a certainty that there will definitely be a more spacious version of an already mammoth Tesla in the market by the end of 2020.

The speed and acceleration have not been unveiled, but it would suffice to say that the 7 seat Model Y would be not much behind its predecessor in terms of acceleration and speed if at all. The specs are thought to be similar with much more spacious interior for your entire family.

The 7-seat version of Model Y can be bought with an additional $3000 to the original price of Model Y.

Source ENGadget

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