A. Haritsis: The government has already dropped more than 2 billion from its own forecasts

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“In a year when multiple crises make it more necessary than ever for the inflow of resources into the real economy, you have fallen out of more than 2 billion in the expenditures that you yourself had budgeted for the Recovery Fund”, said the Head of Development and Investments of SYRIZA – Messinia MP and MP, Alexis Haritsis, during the discussion of a relevant Topical Question to the Minister of Finance.

“In last year’s budget you estimated the Fund’s expenditure at 2.6 billion euros for 2021, an amount that was reduced to 1.6 billion in the medium term just 7 months later, to reach 600 million in the budget report. 2022 which is being discussed these days in Parliament “, he pointed out. “According to the latest data of the Public Investment Program, however, it seems that in the end the real expenses will not exceed 150 million euros!”.

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“But the problem is not only quantitative. It is even more worrying that even these minimal expenses concern advances for the E65 road axis, a project that has been maturing for three NSRFs and the supply of laptops of the Ministry of Education” pointed out the head of SYRIZA . “Are these the development actions you are planning for this innovative tool?” he wondered.

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Al. Haritsis described the Recovery Fund as “a historic opportunity for both recovery and transformation of our country’s productive model”. “But this needs a plan, so that the money takes its place,” he continued, clarifying that “the logic of the past can not be repeated and these funds can be used in programs that do not produce added value and to finance the very few and strong “.

Al. Haritsis concluded: “Unfortunately, the performance of the government so far makes us very worried about when and how these important funds will reach the Greek economy.”


Source From: Capital

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