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A Professor 2: Manuel quits after discovering the truth while Simone is at risk in the friendzone

Once a skein is untangled, another immediately becomes tangled, or, at least, that’s what happens in the second season of A professorfiction co-produced by Rai Fiction and Banijay Studios Italy which is having the merit of recounting with extreme delicacy the disagreements and disturbances of today’s teenagers. After Simone’s defense ((Nicolas Maupas), who thanks to the testimony of his attacker who woke up from a coma is relieved of all charges for having attacked him in the gym, it is now Manuel who ends up in trouble (Damiano Gavino) who, after having had a back and forth with Nina (Margherita Aresti) after learning that the girl is the mother of a two-year-old girl, comes up against a truth that is anything but easy to digest: the fact of having a father that his mother always kept hidden from him. Manuel discovers this by chance in the episode of A professor in which, tinkering with Anita’s computer ((Claudia Pandolfi), stumbles upon an email never sent to Nicola (Thomas Trabacchi), the man she dated as a girl and who went his own way just a moment before she discovered she was pregnant with Manuel.

Simone discovers the truth about her father in the sixth episode of A Professor 2

The news, which Manuel discovers in the most unfair way possible, is naturally digested badly by the young man, who it closes in on itself and seems incapable of forgiving Anita for hiding the truth from him, considering that all his life he made it clear to him that he didn’t know who his father was and that he didn’t know what happened to him. Now, however, things change: Nicola is, in fact, interested in meeting Manuel while he hopes that Anita will do the same with Viola (Alice Lupparelli), the girl in the wheelchair that Dante (Alessandro Gassmann) was able to convince him to go back to school. “It was the most difficult choice of my life: do you think it was easy raising you alone?”, Anita thunders at Manuel, trying to justify herself. “You decided for everyone, even for me”, is the response of the boy who, right now, seems incapable of forgiving the lies with which he grew up. Luckily, at his side is Nina, the first girl capable of making him heartbeat and with which Manuel indulges a long and passionate scene under the sheets capable of making the most die-hard fans happy A professor.


In the meantime, things aren’t looking good for the Balestra family. The tests Dante underwent, unfortunately, do not promise anything good: the professor who gives the title to the Rai1 drama suffers, in fact, from a neurological pathology which requires timely surgery only that, since Dante is very lucid when it comes to helping others and a disaster at helping himself, he decides to remain silent, choosing not to share the news either with Anita, from whom he slowly begins to move away, much less with Simone. At her side, however, is fortunately Floriana (Christine Filangieri), determined to stay close to him and make him understand that he is not alone. Meanwhile Simone seems more and more involved with Mimmo ((Dominic Cuomo) only that, when he is very close to revealing his feelings to the boy, he pulls back, perhaps out of fear of being rejected. Mimmo, for his part, seems too naive to understand that Simone has feelings for him, even if the next episodes of A Professor could surprise us: wait to believe.

Source: Vanity Fair

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