A. Tsipras: After 5 days of illness, based on EODY I could go to Parliament today

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“After 5 days of illness, based on EODY, I could go to Parliament today and stick with colleagues, since my test still comes out positive”, notes the president of SYRIZA-PS Alexis Tsipras, in today’s post on social media networking with the photo of his positive test, stylizing the predictions for the new protocol.

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“I will not do it, but many others in the same position are forced to return to work, with all that entails,” he comments.

Response of the Ministry of Health to Alexis Tsipras

On the occasion of the post of the Leader of the Official Opposition,
the Ministry of Health points out that:

” The EODY protocol is based on the scientific instructions of the CDC and follows them faithfully. It is absolutely clear, as far as the instructions for the end of the quarantine are concerned, that after 5 days of mild illness and as long as there are no more symptoms, the citizens can return to their daily activity with the basic condition of constantly wearing a high protection mask and observing strictly the basic rules of hygiene.

Epidemiological data show that after the 5th day, without symptoms and with the use of a high protection mask on all contacts, there is no risk of transmission. Obviously the above does not apply to those who have
symptoms. ”


Source From: Capital

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