After leaving ‘The House of Celebrities’, Niurka accuses the program of fraud

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the house of the famous it’s a reality show broadcast by Telemundo which, based on the worldwide phenomenon Big Brother VIPit is about recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week to a group of celebrities gathered in a house, in order to really meet them and see how they face the challenges presented to stay inside the house .

The program hosted by Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gállego generated controversy on June 21, since the singer and actress Niurka Marcos was the sixth eliminated from the reality show. However, the Cuban assures that the public was not the one who took her out, but that the production decided to leave her out.

image that announces that Niurka Marcos was eliminated from the reality show the house of the famous

The output of the showgirl It happened after Twitter became a trend hashtags #fueraniurkawith which the followers of the program asked that the Cuban be the next to leave the house.

Niurka caused controversy and controversy within the house with her multiple fights against the driver Laura Bozzo, whom she threatened to hit if she continued to bother her. In addition, he repeatedly kissed fellow actor Juan Vidal.

After his surprising and controversial exit, during an interview by video call for the program First hand With Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the Cuban woman spilled the beans and, without filters, assured that she had the support of her entire audience and accused that the production arranged everything so that she was eliminated.

The public didn’t take me away, the idea was from the executives… Obviously, they manipulated a lot; for a week they manipulated my image a lot, groped it and threw it on the floor.

Screenshot of Niurka Marcos crying in an interview when leaving the house of celebrities

In addition, she stated that she was not the only one who realized that the production planned everything to get her out, since she said that her daughter Romina called her crying when she realized the plot against him, an issue that his representative also argued with the television station.

But that’s not all, because he also said that the microphone and the cameras gave the television stations a lot of power to influence the public’s decision and thus manipulate the results. Almost at the end of the interview, the singer’s daughter appeared, who could not help expressing her annoyance against Telemundo and assured that the other participants conspired against her mother.

I just want to tell Telemundo why they don’t upload the videos to the rooms where Daniela (Navarro) says that her brother works at Telemundo, where Daniela, under the table, tells them who she is going to vote for and with how many points they are going to nominate, where Daniela says that the only thing my mom knew how to do was fuck with producers.

– Roman Marcos

Faced with the accusation of fraud in the production of the program, users on Twitter did not take long to comment that it did come out by decision of the public, since they assured that nobody wanted it inside because it was selfish, toxic and problematic. So they asked her to stop doing drama and get on with her life.


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