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After shouting at a witness, SC judge is removed and conduct will be investigated

The Regional Labor Court of the 12th Region (TRT-SC) accepted the request of the Santa Catarina Bar Association (OAB-SC) and removed substitute judge Kismara Brustolin from the Xanxerê Labor Court and will investigate whether the judge’s conduct was inappropriate .

In a video of a TRT-SC hearing on November 14, Brustolin appears shouting reprimanding a witness for not calling her “your excellency”.

Visibly altered, the substitute judge interrupts the report to explain that if the witness does not say the word she wants, she will remove the deponent from the hearing. The witness tries to continue speaking, but the judge shouts again, calls him “mouthy” and then excludes him from the video conference.

After the witness’s forced departure, the judge tells the lawyer representing the action that the testimony would be disregarded because “it lacked politeness”.

The Santa Catarina Bar Association requested action from the Regional Labor Court of the 12th region (TRT-12), asked for the investigation of the facts regarding the judge’s behavior and emphasized that “attitudes like these cannot happen and that witnesses must be respected in all circumstances.”

In response, the TRT removed Brustolin until investigations by the court’s Internal Affairs are completed.

CNN was unable to contact judge Kismara Brustolin


*under the supervision of Elis Franco

Source: CNN Brasil

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